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  • We Need your support donations

    We need you help to keep us alive and keep on running by donating to YOUR community. This is set to cover ALL server, upgrades and licensing fee's and also contributes towards funding future prize giveaways. Please feel free to give a little back, as we could not do it without you!

    Donations through this page, are simply kind donations. These donations do not go towards account upgrades

    If you want to donate to BaysideGamers you can do so via Below with your PayPal. Thank you for your efforts, and thank you for contributing towards YOUR community. Your donation will be used to pay for our increasing hosting and server costs and giveaway prizes only!

    Please donate to support the community. We appreciate all donations!

    Thanks for your support!

Current Donation Goals

Keep Us Alive

For able to keep BaysideGamers running it requires some support of donations to able to pay for licence and hosting. We need you to support as by donating. 

Raised 0.01 GBP of 600.00 GBP target