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  • Bayside Community Guidelines

  • Bayside Gamers General Rules

    • Allowed Languages: English! For non English content you will receive a warning. Only for language packs the description can be in the language from the uploaded pack.
    • No Attacks / Retaliation of any kind against a member, or group of members If you are a long standing member, act like one. Lead by example and assist other newer members rather than attacking them. We look upon our veteran members to use this opportunity to teach the newer members the appropriate way to use these forums. If someone insults you, do not retaliate but report the offending post using the 'report this post' text link located in each post's bottom right corner.
    • Uploads your content in the Download system without passwords. If you upload a virus, malware, trojans etc. you will get banned. If you upload something which doesn't work you will receive a warning. Do not upload anything that you do not own or have permission to upload.
    • Broken files All who report a file as broken which is downloadable will receive a warning. The reason is that the most members are just too lazy to read the instructions and then report the download as broken because they can't get it to work.
    • No spamming  is characterized by the initiation of threads or posts that contribute nothing to a forum, be it off topic or on topic. Examples include: empty bodies, bodies with few words that have no relation to the current thread or discussion and those posts that state they are spam, either to annoy or increase a member's post count (means posts like "Thanks" or something similar). This determination is made by the forum Moderator or Administrator and is not up for discussion.
    • No advertising Don't post links to other websites or communities. You can advertise in this section ONLY.
    • No Cross-Posting is when you post the same message multiple time in various threads or forums. Continuing to post a similar message will result a warning or ban.
    • No Pornographic material Any sexually oriented imagery or links to such content will not be tolerated and will be punished with a ban.
    • No excessive cursing of swear words We encourage you to use our community as a forum to debate topics, but don't use swear words. We will not tolerate abuse upon another member.
    • No Ripping/Unauthorized use of code Do not upload files that are copyrighted. Any type of files that you do not own you MUST have written permission to upload.
    • No signature / picture abuse If we find that an image you post in your signature is offending to anyone it will be immediately removed and your account may be disabled. Be sure to keep your signature picture at a reasonable size.
    • Respect the authority of Staff If you do not like something that a Moderator or an Administrator did, sent them a Private Message. Don't complain about a deleted topic, post or a moved topic in the forums. We do not have time to inform everyone about why a post has deleted/moved. If you feel that a staff member made a mistake please contact management or administration.
    • Warnings will not be applied without a reason. If you have a problem with a warning, talk with the Admin/Mod who warned you. Other administrative Personal cannot follow the reasons of your warnings.
    • Support will be given in the support forums, not in the download comments, not in other forums, and not as PM. Anything that is not posted in forums, will be ignored or deleted. For support questions in the download comments you will receive a warning. People who PM a STAFF members with their support topic or a support question will receive a warning as well.


    Signature and Avatars

    • Avatars will be re-sized upon using the forum to the best size if too big (200 X 200 max). If your avy is a gif and tends to make the page slow, shows indecent content or causes too many complaints you will be asked to remove it.
    • Signature are only for membership only, as long as they don't expand the page and doesn't make your post blocks longer. You can only place 5 links in your sig at a time, depanding on what membership you are on
    • You may not link to broken images or links from hosting sites that may show a broken image or no hotlink image.


    The rules are introduced to create a comfortable and constructive atmosphere of communication. Upon account creation and forum participation, you agree to these rules and any future updates.


    Discussion of administration (from forum administrator or moderator) actions is strongly prohibited in any forums and threads, except for the special forum, intended for the discussion of all aspects of the whole forum work.