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  2. VPN for consoles

    First to hear it from you. I never hear much bout it myself. Yet why would I if I never read about what's been happening
  3. How long have you owned your xbox one?

    Since 2013, the start of my teens. I'm now 17. Had it for 4 years now, a good few years. The console has done well in that time, still working as of today.
  4. What xbox one games do you own?

    No Xbox One Games. However, I've been told by an employee who works at Game that all the video games on the 360 work on the One X. Technically I have 10+ disks ready for when I invest in a new console.
  5. Snipers VS Stunters

    I'm not a modder, but some of these modded games and custom jobs are amazing fun to play. I must admit, I've played sniper vs stunters in the past and time went so quickly. A few minutes later I realized I had been gaming for two hours, it felt like a couple of minutes.
  6. GTAV Online Bank Heist!! To your screens

    Nice video! I've done mostly everything in GTA IV, so robbing a store now and then is out of the ordinary and can be fun. I enjoy robbing 3-4 at a time, and setting myself a challenge to stay alive.
  7. Skyrim Glitches

    Watched the video, Empire! My favourite glitch is the Giants
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  9. Grand Theft Auto 6

    I've already replied to this topic, but now it's 2018, I'm having second thoughts. I now think the game will be released late 2020, or 2021 the latest. The online servers are still active and packed full with players.
  10. Radio stations

    Rockstar Radio is a nice overall radio station to listen to. I occasionally listen to the in-game radio. Most of time I have the radio switched off because I like listenting to the surrounding and the noise around me.
  11. Add the ability to spectate (fly around the map). Sometimes I log onto GTA Online just to watch other players to play, not to play myself. I'd like to see this feature added in Grand Theft Auto 6, when rockstar release it.
  12. Favorite Gun

    Tough question! Favourite weapon in Zombies or in the game? Zombies has to be the Wunderwaffle, and in the game it's the sniper.
  13. Why do you like Minecraft?

    I hate creative. I don't mind survival since you have to defend for youself and gather resources, just like real life. I enjoyed Minecraft as a kid, now as much as when I was younger.
  14. Games on Linux

    Do you have steam? Just done some research, and you can play Counter-Strike, Left 4 Dead 2. Google "good games to play on Linux" and take a look at the first result. I would suggest doing some research, there are definitely video games out there that work on the Linux OS.
  15. Why do you like Halo better or worse than Call of Duty?

    I don't. I actually think Halo is worse than COD. Players use life looking weapons in Call of Duty and comparing to Halo, they are unrealistic.
  16. Black Ops 3

    Still haven't got Black Ops 3. Although, I have the first black ops. This isn't to say I haven't seen the gameplay and what version 3 looks like, one of my favourite youtubers upload new content weekly.
  17. Favorite genre's?

    FPS, is my favourite genre. Second favourite would be Third person shooter. Finally, anything that simulates real life (virtual reality) an example being GTA.
  18. Latest gaming purchases?

    Two recent gaming purchases. 1TB Hard drive, for 40 pounds of Amazon and a Headset. This too was ordered of a Amazon, I requested one-day delivery with Amazon Prime.
  19. Version


    Las Venturas Metropolitian Police Department Pack by SCPD. Enjoy! Credits: 2011 Ford CrownVictoria: - Grimm - Reckless - Driver SF/Ubisoft - Bxbugs123 2012 Dodge Charger: - Turn 10 Studios - bacarlitos - Grimm - Bxbugs - Rick Griffin - Caleb3019 2016 Dodge Charger: - Turn 10 Studios - Tado Hamann - r3x245 - TheCopman123 - ThatOneIowan - Grimm - Bxbugs123 - Daedaelus Police Lighting Equipment: All parts by their respective authors. They include but are not limited to... 05bowtie bxbugs123 penguin.2254 LtCaine Lightbar Guy AEMT JPOC Whelen Liberty 2: -ThatOneIowan Federal Signal Vector: -ThatOneIowan. Modified by SCPD. Advisors: -Created by ThatOneIowan -CrownVic Advisor Modified by SCPD Pushbar: -Created by ThatOneIowan -CrownVic Pushbar Modified by SCPD Skin: -Based of The Crew -Designed by SCPD If I forgot anyone to credit, PM me directly.


  20. Your time downloading games

    I update since I posted back in 2016, I now have better connection with less time to download and install games max 40 download to 7 upload
  21. Christmas update?

    They do it every year now. With the snow
  22. Which was your first horror game?

    I don't play many horror games. Only horror game I have in my collection is Call of Duty. The part that I would say that the genre of horror is Zombies, I've played it many times
  23. GTA: Convince me to play

    I'm suprised you haven't played Grand Theft Auto 5. You can complete missions, online jobs, play freemode. GTA is virtual reality, it's like real life but in a video game. You can choose your characters gender and customize the clothes. GTA is also about wealth and you can buy real estate and cars.
  24. Favorite Radio Station?

    Mine is Rebel Radio too. I have a preference not listen to the radio while I'm driving, prefer to listen to the sound effects of GTA 5 instead.
  25. Christmas update?

    Seems like it was, (it's now feburary). I have Live Membership, on the 360. The weather was changed on all the online servers so it was snowing. We know the connotations of snow is Christmas so this was a nice update for Rockstar to release for Xmas.
  26. Why PC Gaming Will Always Be better Than Console Gaming

    All the Bayside members in this topic have voted PC instead of console. I would agree, even though I'm a console gamer, a computer has better graphics, you can upgrade your gaming PC to better specs, portable(if it's a laptop) and there are serveral other reasons.
  27. Do you ever get bored of gaming?

    Every 1-2 hours, maybe less I'll get bored of gaming. I'll browse on social media, post on blogs, forums or go out and do some exercise instead. That keeps my mind busy.
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