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  2. As we are putting finishing touches on the New Mexico DLC for American Truck Simulator, we also need to finalize all the various marketing and promo material, so that we are ready for the release day. One of the key elements is the promotional video trailer. We have been working on it for several days already, and today we are finally happy with the result. We decided that we should not sit on it until the launch date. Instead, we want to show it to our game's fans now, ahead of the release, to whet your appetite.
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  4. What is your favourite free forum host?

    I've never used a free forum host but if I did it would be a host that allows access to softaculous and FTP as I prefer to do everything myself.
  5. How long have you owned your xbox one?

    I have owned it since really close to the release date.
  6. Do you prefer XBOX over PC?

    Nope! I prefer PC because I feel like games are easier to play.
  7. The Sims?

    I like the cartoonish style of graphics. I feel like it is more realistic. Idk I like TS4 a lot.
  8. I like FIFA because I've always played soccer and it reminds me of some awesome memories. I like Forza because I get to drive fast which I could never do in real life. What about you guys?
  9. Why do you like Minecraft?

    I have never played but I'm curious. Why do you guys like playing Minecraft? My sister is obsessed and I never understood it.
  10. Small Update, New Theme

    Looks about as good as it could get and also the moving parts of it make the forum seem alive.
  11. Government Conspiracies

    The people peddling such beliefs are often idiots and/or espousing racism. In that case, few take them seriously as they just seem to be mouthing out garbling gibberish . However, though, it can be said that things are highly corrupt in government in other places, mainly because, as some claim, humankind is evil. Nonetheless, it's difficult to pinpoint such corruption and prove it, hence why it's easy to mock those into conspiracy theories and finally, if society accepted conspiracies as truth, it couldn't function; as nothing would be real (sort of like in an LSD delusion ).
  12. Intellectual Movie

    1984 and The Last Temptation of Christ was interesting. Also, any of the Oliver Stone films like Salvador, Scarface (ironically, please don't laugh ) Nixon, JFK were thought-provoking, though biased. Finally, the original Planet of the Apes and it's awesome twist ending was incredibly influential since I first saw it in high school.
  13. Pitfall Harry

    When I was a kid in the 1980s, I was obsessed with this Atari game. Has anyone played it? For some reason, despite the simple graphics, it was just massively fun. Anyway, it was an adventure game like Mario or Donkey Kong, but I cannot really remember much about it - as it's been years.
  14. Can't remember the name but it was the early 90s I think and for the Apple. Basically, it was a color game (some computers had green screens in those days) where you'd fly a plane over Pacific Islands and bomb things and shoot enemy soldiers. Anyway, it was a blast to play, even on an archaic device. Oh, by the way, what similar games to this are available now?
  15. Well, myself, I see the extremes as the loony left and the loony right, and as you say, they shouldn't be in power. Myself, though, as noted on your forum, I am bit concerned that a lot of rebellious youth are drifting toward the far-right (mainly due to alienation from their own personal situation and the economic threat of globalism) Anyway, I don't really see an end to this chaos, except that, possibly the world is headed toward something horrible (economic crash, war etc.) which might eliminate the problem, but not in a way that's pleasant.
  16. They can do the same in the US. For instance, Nixon catered to white Southern political voters in 1968 - mainly as a response to the threat of George Wallace running as a third-party candidate. Also, some claim that Ross Perot swung the 1992 election in favor of Bill Clinton by taking away Republican voters opposed to NAFTA.
  17. 3D Art Creation

    Anyone dabble in Poser, Maya, Blender, ZBrush, Daz Studio, etc.? Note, some of these programs are vastly expensive, but others have highly affordable used copies, and some are free. Anyway, there is enough affordable stuff for anyone to get into it. However, though, there can be a steep learning curve to get really good at it.
  18. I cannot really say what I think is the best. In my view, they all work for me (other than Vanilla Forums which has a weird layout). In fact, I think the main thing causing problems for people is lack of updating and their chosen hosting plan. In other words, it's not the poor software's fault. However, though, I have seen really bad problems with the paragraph spacing and editing features of some free forum software, but again (sort of), I think the source is lack of updating.
  19. I understand this forum is owned by a UK resident, but I'm sure there are some fans of American football on here somewhere. Anyway, what is your favorite college and NFL game and does anyone also like Rugby games? I haven't tried them, but they look interesting.
  20. All-Time Favourite Games?

    This is a no-brainer. I'd have to say that I enjoy Super Mario Galaxy I and II the most, followed by Donkey Kong, Banjo-Kazooie, and Mario Kart. Also, I like Super Mario Bros and I'd probably like the Wii U Mario games if I ever played them.
  21. How long do you spend gaming every day?

    I don't game hardly ever these days. However, though, I went thru a phase where I probably played at least 3 hours a day of Super Mario Galaxy. That was going on during a snowy time where I couldn't get out of my rural home (due to bad roads).
  22. Buying games

    I get nearly all mine at stores, normally used ones at used game stores. However, though, occasionally I will get a good new one at a shopping outlet which sells everything. Anyway, I haven't tried Steam or anything like that. In fact, other than books and food cards, I don't buy much online.
  23. Twitch vs YouTube Gaming

    Cheers my man I will let you know.
  24. Twitch vs YouTube Gaming

    Happy to once you are setup and it's simple once you get to know it.
  25. Twitch vs YouTube Gaming

    Thanks for that input Empire! Very useful to know also when I do get this PC build done will you help me with the best setting for OBS.
  26. Twitch vs YouTube Gaming

    You can stream to all three networks if you wanted to YouTube, twitch and Mixer. Using restream.io If you going to stream then use OBS
  27. Twitch vs YouTube Gaming

    It's very nice to hear something like this @Empire because once I get my gaming PC built I may actually try and start streaming. So you highly recommend going with twitch? Is their a way to stream on both at the same time?
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