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Alex Ayano

Why Certain Marriages Don't work out

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Why don't the majority of marriages work out? Well I think I know why. Here are the reasons(in my opinion):
1. Got married to early
2. Cheating
3. Dishonesty
4. Divorced before
5. Lack of communication
6. Neglectful towards partner
7. Abuse (physical/mental)
8. Substance abuse

There are more marriages that fail than there are that succeed. How many married couples you know that stay married until death actually do them part? I tell you there aren't a whole lot. And the reason being is probably because one of those listed.

I warn everyone to take your time to know someone. It takes more than several months to get to know someone. Make sure you and your partner are like minded. Make sure you believe the same things. Make sure you learn as much about his or her past. Meet their family(not the whole family.) Ask his or her family about him or her. Marriage is a very serious thing. It is a union that should be taken seriously. When you marry you become one. Until the day one of you passes. Only then will you be free to marry another. So be careful and think hard.

Consider if you get married then your mate gets sick(illness like cancer or something else) somewhere down the road. Can you take care of that person and love them through the whole ordeal? Or if that person fell into a coma could you stick with that person? I know some would think "that would never. You're taking it too seriously". I'm not trust me. Just because your mate is sick or in a coma that doesn't give you liberty to meet someone else.

In conclusion many marriages fail while few succeed. If you have anything you would like to add to the topic feel free to do so. Questions are also welcome. Remember I'm just stating my opinions. You also can say if you agree with me or not and can state your reasons. I'm open to criticism. 

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