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Baby Girl Found Dumped In Brisbane

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How someone could have so little regard for their child is beyond me.
To just leave her there and walk off without even a second thought about the million and one things that could happen to her.

This lady and her children, who found the little girl, deserve a medal. This child is obviously better off without the mopther who abandoned her anyhow.

Local children find baby girl dumped in a gutter in Brisbane suburb of Inala

A BABY girl has been rescued from a Brisbane street gutter after allegedly being dumped there by her mother.

The 14-month-old girl was found in a pram on the side of the road by children who were playing in Sittella St, at Inala, Thursday afternoon.

One of the children alerted their own mother, Amy Whiteman, who then took the baby girl in to her care and asked neighbours on the street if the baby belonged to them. When nobody claimed the 14-month-old, she called police and ambulance crews.

“She was quite dirty,” Ms Whiteman told Channel 7.

Read more: http://www.news.com.au/national/queensland/local-children-find-baby-girl-dumped-in-a-gutter-in-brisbane-suburb-of-inala/story-fnii5v6w-1227542587703

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