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Bravo Modifications WIP Thread

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Previewed here will be screenshots of current works. Some may not be released, but some may be. For work of mine that has already been released, refer to my downloads section on GMC. If permitted, I will upload site-exclusive content here.

Current Projects for PUBLIC release:

- Clockwork Mountain Revisited update 

1. Update, Finish and release of Non ELS "stealth" 2015 Charger Pursuit AWD

Current progress:



2. Update, Finish and release of Non ELS Patrol and Slicktop CVPI's on Ironic's 2011 DEV CVPI Chassis

Current Progress:



3. Update, Finish and release of Non ELS Support vehicle - Not yet started


Current Projects on Hold:

- None at this time

Past Projects:

- None available at this time

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