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Best and worst tanking moments?

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I love WoT one of the best games I've played.
Id have to say the best moment in the game was when I was the last tank using a (Valentine. U.K ) and was defending the base. 5 enemy tanks came at me at once mix of HV and L.
Shot the first one dead in one hit. Took a few hits myself half missed xD. Hit the ammo storage on another BOOM! dead. Then Rammed an LT dead. The last two shot at me while circling me. Managed to kill one after taking a few hits. I was down to 40 Hp one shot would most likely kill me. The last guy rammed me on the side came down to 8 Hp I rapidly clicking to shot hoping the reload time would make it. BOOM! killed him just in time xD won the match. So good.

What's your best and worst moments?


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The funniest story ever was when a friend of mine accidentally shot his father in a match. They were both playing, for the same team, and his father yelled "Shot him, shot him" while the poor fellow was confused he turned the gun to his fathers tank and shot him instead of the enemy xD

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