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Supply drops & CoD points?

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What's your stance on supply drops and CoD points in new call of duty titles? Developers adding new guns to the game through supply drops where you can either use in-game earned currency (cryptokeys) or real money (CoD points) and you=r'e not even guaranteed any of the new weapons. ala Gambling.


I personally only bought a few CoD points before I decided it wasn't worth it. I got a ton of the guns that were put in Black Ops 3, i'm missing 5 melee weapons the new LMG and the new Assault Rifle & Sniper Rifles they just added. Other than that, I have most of the supply drop weapons and all were earned with cryptokeys except for i believe it was the butterfly knife and fury song I used CoD points for. 


I don't see a problem with supply drops in the game, I mean it's a crap-shoot. You aren't guaranteed anything good or worthwhile, if you want to spend your money on a chance to get some new weapons, that's up to the consumer at the end of the day. Activision isn't holding a gun to anyone's heads and making them purchase CoD points for these supply drops. :)


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