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What happened to EA baseball?

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I'm curious as to what happened to EA Sports baseball (I believe it was called Triple Play)? That was a very fun game to play. I especially liked the home run derby mode where you can shoot your ball at targets and get bonus points. I laughed my butt off in the living room scene where you can hit the TV, the stereo, windows, pictures, the fireplace, candles, clocks, a parrot, the dog, and more. It was truly a unique game that I had a lot of fun with.


But I noticed EA seemed to stop making Baseball games in their line of EA Sports products. And I'm wondering why they did that. Baseball is still very much a popular sport. And they did a great job with their Triple Play(?) game.


What are your thoughts? Should EA Sports make baseball games again? Have you ever played a baseball game from EA before? How was it?

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I would love to see EA Sports make baseball games again but that will probably never happen. I think they lost their license to make the games and it's now 2k sports making the baseball games but they just aren't the same or as good as the EA Sports games.

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