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Tragic Words of a Syrian Mother

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“There was always two types of Syrians: those who could afford to try to get to Europe and us, who could only afford to get across a land border to safety,” she told News Corp Australia, as a huge desert dust storm pounded her tent and she nursed her children, including one with a bomb shrapnel wound from the conflict.

“I have had enough and I want to go to sea to Europe like the people who sink. We will go to Turkey and find a boat.

“I know many people sink and die, but we want to try and maybe we more lucky. Many Syrian families here think like this, we have all had enough, these are difficult situations. That’s why we want out to Europe, Australia wherever, I like Switzerland.”


That's right. She's willing to risk it all, and get on a boat for a better life.
It's so profound and something no one on this forum can relate to - the fact you know the risks of getting on a boat, but you feel as though there's no other way. You have to do it.

Sure, we can rattle on about 'stopping people from getting on boats for their safety' but until we actively offer a better, safer option it's they have a shot at sea, or they and their kids are sentenced to death in their homelands.  :sad: 

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Mr.Panos    2

Unfortunately, the whole world has to deal with one of the most difficult issues. Refugees and immigrants need special treatment. United Nations has to take immediate action. In addition, the war in Syria and Iraq has to come to an end. However, USA's and Russia's interests and conflicts will never stop. That's why the war will not end sometime soon... :( 

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I have no pity for the people who refuse to settle in the first safe country as being a refugee means you are escaping war not trying to take advantage of the saturation for your own gains.

They are safe countries that these people can go to without even getting on a boat but a lot of these people chose to risk their lifes for financial advantage.

Refugees are people who leave their countries for safety.

Economic migrants are people who leave safe countries for financial reasons often taking advantage of free money given out by the governments.

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