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Violence Is Never Acceptable In Politics

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Recently I have noticed that the far left has been branding anyone they disagree with a Nazi so they can justify violence toward that person.

A few years ago it was the far-right who went around beating up people who disagreed with them (usually calling them a communist).

It is scary to see the left wing become more anti-democratic (a lot of people in the left want things like brexit to be stopped because they think that the general public is not smart enough to vote the “right way”).

As in general the far-right have been getting less violent (Most likely to appeal to more people) this means the far-left lose their moral high ground and become less attractive to the general population as they never learnt from the mistakes the far-right made in the past.

For a better political future everyone no matter what side they are on needs to reject the idea of violence and the idea of censorship and needs to debate each other as debate will help reduce the political acceptance of both extremes as people will see that all extremes are crazy and will never vote them in power.

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Well, myself, I see the extremes as the loony left and the loony right, and as you say, they shouldn't be in power. Myself, though, as noted on your forum, I am bit concerned that a lot of rebellious youth are drifting toward the far-right (mainly due to alienation from their own personal situation and the economic threat of globalism)  Anyway, I don't really see an end to this chaos, except that, possibly the world is headed toward something horrible (economic crash, war etc.) which might eliminate the problem, but not in a way that's pleasant.

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