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Ahmed Mohamed and The Clock

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And that's it.
A clock. A home made clock at that, a labour of love I could never get my head around.

Instead of the applause most kids'd get, he gets cuffs instead.

Great to see the outcry for this (clearly very intelligent) young man, though.

Also I hope he enjoys going to the White House.

Ahmed Mohamed says he will accept Obama’s White House invitation after controversial arrest

THIS teenage whiz-kid brought his innocent invention to school this week. But when teachers mistook it for a bomb, he was quickly arrested and suspended.

But Ahmed Mohamed’s ordeal might help him achieve his dream of attending the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The 14-year-old spends his spare time tinkering with items in his bedroom to create clever inventions.

But his latest invention — a hand-built clock, attracted attention from the school.

Rather than be praised for his ingenuity, Ahmed, who is Muslim, was handcuffed and interrogated by police after it was assumed the clock could have been an explosive.

Police have dropped the charges against Ahmed however he remains suspended from MacArthur High School in Texas until Thursday.

Read more: http://www.news.com.au/technology/innovation/ahmed-mohamed-says-he-will-accept-obamas-white-house-invitation-after-controversial-arrest/story-fnjwucti-1227531888219

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I don’t really understand why this is was such a big deal as the so called “project” was just him disassembling a commonly mains powered available clock which was presented inside a suitcase.

This person also tried to sue the media for just reporting on the clock for $15m, the amount of money he wanted shows that this was likely done for financial reasons.


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