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Getting Free Textures For Video Game Development

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I have been making a small video game recently and one of the hardest parts of the development process has been finding textures, so I wanted to share with you some websites that allow you to download and use textures for free.
http://texturelib.com/ - This website allows you to download 10 textures per days for free. I would recommend this website for doors and windows textures.
https://www.textures.com/ - You may have known this website by its old name; cgtextures, You get 15 free credits per day to use on downloading textures but those can only be used with up to medium sized textures or small if the texture is seamless. For decently sized images, that will use up 2 credits each you will get around 7 free textures per day. This website recommended for more random textures.
http://texturepilot.com – is a website that allows you to download up to 25MB worth of free textures every day, the trouble is that the amount of compression used on each of the textures is extremely inconsistent meaning the amount of images you can download per day can be anyware from 2 to 50. I would heavily recommend this website if you want shop textures for your game world.


Please remember to check the terms of services to make sure these website are right for you.


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