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Hindu Nationalist Calls For 2-Child Policy For Muslims

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India: controversy as Hindu calls for 2-child policy for Muslims

A leading Hindu nationalist sparked controversy Thursday after he called for Indian Muslim families to be restricted to having two children and face punishment for having bigger families.

“They should not be allowed to have more than two children. If they have more than two children then all facilities including ration, jobs and education should be stopped for them,” wrote Pravin Togadia, head of the controversial Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), in Hindu nationalist journal the Organizer.

His group is under the same umbrella of Hindu organizations that include the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party and Togadia was once a close colleague of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, though Modi criticized him last year for comments about forcibly evicting Muslims from their property.

Togadia’s claimed Hindus faced “extinction” after government data released last week showed Hindus consisted less than 80 percent of the population for the first time, while the growth of the Muslim population had increased.

Read more: http://muslimvillage.com/2015/09/18/113345/india-controversy-hindu-calls-2-child-policy-muslims/

1. There are other minorities in India growing, such as the Sikhs. I get it Muslims are the largest minority but even so.
2. 80% is a still pretty big margin. I don't think it counts as 'facing extinction'.
3. You can't just restrict how many babies people have because you're all 'Ahh, we're losing our huge majority by a few percentile'. So oppressive.

He seems like a bit of a Danny Nalliah.

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