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    Looks about as good as it could get and also the moving parts of it make the forum seem alive.
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    Thanks for that input Empire! Very useful to know also when I do get this PC build done will you help me with the best setting for OBS.
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    I would have to totally agree with you Empire! You have pointed out some factors to why halo different than cod.
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    Yes. Xbox is my favorite console. I don't have a gaming PC, although my boyfriend has a gaming laptop and my brother built his own gaming PC. My eldest son also wants a gaming laptop that he's currently trying to save up to buy himself. I don't see myself as a PC gamer. I was always an xbox girl so I don't see that changing anytime soon. There's also the fact that consoles are cheaper and don't have the need to be upgraded/updated as much as a gaming PC for someone who needs 'the best specs' out at the moment. My xbox one suits me just fine.
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    Do you own the Master Chief collection? I really need to pick this up. My ex has his account tied to one of the xbox's in our house still so we get all the games he purchases/downloads digitally. However, I don't use the console and it's mostly used by my youngest two. I'm really considering picking up the master chief collection and replaying some of the games or even the multiplayer. I used to spend hours on Halo 3 back in the day on Xbox 360. It's one of my favorite games if not my favorite game of all time and I'd love to be able to go back and revisit it someday.