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    The Sims 4 is coming to the PS4 and Xbox One later this year.
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    Version V1


    ===================== == Overview On Mod == ===================== These handcuff sounds are from my personal service handcuffs that I use while on duty. The purpose of this mod is to make the game more realistic by introducing more realistic sounds into the games atmosphere. With LCPDFR 1.0 These sounds can now be heard by other officers arresting pedestrians for you, or during world events. The sounds are loud on purpose. How To Play? Copy The CUFFS_TIGHTEN_01.wav file into your scripts folder. (Note: You do need LCPDFR 1.0 or LCPDFR .90 For this mod to work.) Online Roleplay: Works Just Fine, Other Players Will Not Hear The Exact Same Sound As You When You Arrest Someone Unless They Have The Exact File Installed As Well. Support: If you have any questions or concerns about the mod, please them here. Please read the ''Read Me'' text file. It will explain how to use it, install it, and other things like that. This mod has only been tested on LCPDFR 1.0 and LCPDFR .90, so I am not sure if it works on any other versions. Current Version/New Updates: Version 1 (Updated on 1/20/14 Uploaded.) Example Of The Mod: http://youtu.be/q13loBlO5Lg I will upload another video soon showing them off a bit better and the video will only focus on the handcuff sounds. IF YOU USE THESE IN A VIDEO PLEASE GIVE ME CREDIT! ITS NICE TO BE ACKNOWLEDGED FOR MY WORK PLEASE! Copy Right Notice To Disclaimer: THIS IS PROHIBITED TO BE UPLOADED TO ANY OTHER WEBSITE IN ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM. A DCMA Notice Will Be Sent And Legal Action Will Be Taken If Found Anywhere Else Without Proper Permission To Be Re-Uploaded. ////////////////////////////////// baysidegamers.com //////////////////////////////////