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  1. Xbox 2 Release Date

    Since Xbox two won't be out till 2020 or even later I have removed the boards with it as it was no use and taken space. For know on all discussion based on Xbox two shell be located with the Xbox one. If you feel like this has been done in a error, please let us know
  2. Friend of mine hosting a money drop

    Money Drop? what's that then!! some kind of an mod
  3. Street Fighter 5

    It's even cheaper with the steam sale on, 50% off
  4. Favourite Movies?

    what about the first and last?
  5. YouTube's New Look!

    The Old look is still active and that they have no changed it over yet, no idea why
  6. Mods been around for tem years for all GTA PC series. It's not new. Even when GTA5 came out on PC they started getting the mods made and supported. BaysideGAmers!!!! this is what we also do. WE support mods for the game based we have files for members to upload and to share for others to download
  7. How fast is your internet?

    That's very bad upload speed, I get 5 more
  8. I went to open up OpenIV and I saw this. This is the link that it took me to. Has anybody else gotten this? Really hoping it's some sort of prank or something, because I'm going to be devastated if LSPDFR comes to a halt because of this. http://gtaforums.com/topic/889348-openiv/
  9. AirParrot 2 Giveaway We're given away on single lifetime licence to that one lucky person. This prize is worth $18.95 and it can be all yours by doing simple and easy steps by entering EmpireKicking Giveaway! And follow the information as it says. *Starts* 09/06/2017 (Pacific Time (US & Canada) *Ends* 7th August 2017 (UK time) Thank-you for reading and I hope the very best of luck to those that have entered and those that are entered and aren't an bayside member then please join otherwise 2% of your entries will be removed. ENTER HERE
  10. PAYDAY 2: We're giving away 5 million copies of PAYDAY 2 for a limited time only! On Stream

  11. Looks like 2017 is going to be a very exciting year for truck sim fans. Today we are here to announce the release of Heavy Cargo DLC for American Truck Simulator! Much like in our previous release of Heavy Cargo Pack for ETS2, this DLC contains a set of new features that will enhance your gameplay. Let's see what you can look forward to in this heavy haul pack. New Cargoes to haul We are introducing 9 cargoes for you to haul: Crawler Tractor Bulldozer Lift Truck Chassis Lift Truck Cable Reel Milling Machine All Terrain Crane Scraper Transformer All of these cargoes range in weight from 55, 000 lbs to 123, 000 lbs (25 - 56 metric tons), so there is plenty of work to be done if you want to get them to their destination. Trailers If you are wondering why these trailers look very different from the ones used in Europe, look up Federal Bridge Gross Weight Formula. The trailers tend to be quite long and multi-pivoted for a good reason. Let's familiarize ourselves with each part. The first part which is the closest to the tractor is called the jeep and it is connected to the truck via the normal fifth wheel. The second part is called the lowboy and that's where the cargo is placed. It's either in the middle or it's the last part, depending on the configuration. The third part is semi-optional in relation to the cargo that is transported. It's called the spreader (or the stinger or the axle booster as it is called sometimes) and as the name suggests, it is there to spread the weight of the cargo across more axles and greater length. All three have their own pivot point which makes backing really entertaining and actually generally not advisable. Our Heavy Cargo Pack comes with a mix of 2-part and 3-part (with spreader/stinger) configuration trailers, chosen to suit each particular cargo. New engines We have recently added new engine variants (with real behavior) to the game and we feel that this is the right time to remind you of that. All trucks now have a 600 hp engine option available and some trucks even have a stronger engine to choose from. There are of course still lower power engines available too - very sensible and economical choices for most transportation scenarios. See you on the road! If you happen to play both Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator, consider this link: SCS Cargo Addict Bundle. Related articles: ETS2: Heavy Cargo Pack DLC is here! Source: http://blog.scssoft.com/2017/06/heavy-cargo-pack-dlc-for-ats-is-out.html
  12. YouTube's New Look!

    That's why I do more YouTube, I'm with an MCN so when you watch ads on my videos I get earnings and so each month I get something back. Yet this month was like $0.21
  13. Walking

    I used to walk allot at one point when I Was at collage, ever since life changed I don't do much walking
  14. YouTube's New Look!

    I do like your cat Yeah the site is alright just I don't think I will use it
  15. YouTube's New Look!

    I will check it out and I might have an account, if not I join anyway