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  1. Creative vs. Survival

    Which do you prefer? I am more into the survival aspect and less about crafting. The survival game gives the extra challenge and I feel more rewarded for gathering and collecting materials. Although, creative is great for experimenting and learning how to play the game.
  2. Most spent on a game

    It depends, if you mean total including expansion then I have spend around 150 US dollars for Guild Wars 2. For an initial purchase, I have spent about 100 dollars.
  3. Skyrim vs Online?

    For those who didn't care for Elder Scrolls Online, I can say that the game has improved quite a bit since launch. The Thieves Guild was introduced, along with stealing and several other "Elder Scrolls Like" features. They have even added a 64 bit client for PC if you care about the technical aspects of the game. Skyrim was OK, I am more of a Morrowind fan... I played it on both PC and Xbox.