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  1. Music you dance to?

    Lmao, great topic, but I actually don't actually like to dance at all.
  2. The Game & Drake Killing It

    Ya, this song is pure fire. The game and drake make good music together. They should collab more often.
  3. Your opinion on justin beiber

    I didn't like him in the past because I thought his music was pure trash, but his latest songs "Sorry" and "Love yourself" are actually pretty decent and I find myself listening to these two songs a lot.
  4. I'm currently listening to Lil Boosie's song called I'm sorry. I love this song.
  5. I'd travel to my dad's native country, which is located on the west side of Africa and is called Cape Verde, but it costs over $1k to travel there.
  6. How often do you travel?

    My wife and I tend to travel/take vacations every couple of months especially if we have the funds to do so. We like traveling to the beach the most since its only an hr away from our house. So, how often do you travel? When's the last time that you took a vacation?
  7. Most spent on a game

    Probably about like 5-6 hours because I was playing in career mode on my madden 16 and I was trying to win the superbowl before I got too tired to play.
  8. I've owned by xbox one since last Christmas. I would of gotten sooner. but my wife ended up buying it for me for Christmas. It's a nice system and I like it better than the 360. So, how long have you owned your xbox one and how often do you use it?
  9. Right now, I only own two xbox one games and they're called madden 16 along with grand theft auto 5. So, what xbox one games do you own and how often do you play them?
  10. I've been playing madden 16 since my wife got it for me on Christmas.