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  1. Best headset

    I do have a gaming headset, but I don't think it's the best one around. From my understanding, gaming headsets can be very expensive. What's the a good headset that I can get the best value?
  2. Teamkilling

    Do you team up with players in Grand Theft Auto Five or in Minecraft and go and attack other players or other teams? If so, what's your strategie? How do you communicate with your team, by microphone or by in-game text/message?
  3. Reporting players

    Do you report players who break in-game rules or do you not bother? i.e, cheating, trolling, abusive messages, etc? Depends on the severity, most of time it is okay and I don't report them to the company.
  4. Bad sport Lobby

    Have you ever got into the bad sport lobby in Grand Theft Auto Five? Come on admit it! How long for? How many times? I have been in the lobby 2 times now. Last time it was 16 days. Next time I will serve longer so I have to be careful not to blow up other people's cars. I heard you can get into the bad sport lobby permanently.
  5. Xbox Party

    Obviously you will have 2-3 friends on your if you have Xbox Live Gold, possibly more. If you do hangout with friends on Xbox Live, do you communicate with them by an Xbox Party chat with a microphone? Or do you send messages to each other?
  6. Glasses

    Do you have to wear Glasses while playing GTA 5 and other games? Do you have contact lenses instead? Is your vision fine and is it known as "2020"
  7. Grand Theft Auto Five

    Anyone here play Grand Theft Auto? How much money do you have? How did you acquire the money, was it by a money drop, or by completing online jobs? What cars do you own, do you own top of the range cars (T20's), or do you not have any vehicles etc? My final question, out of all the weapons there are, which one would you say is your favourite?
  8. Call of Duty Zombies

    What's is your favourite weapon in Call of Duty Zombies and why? What would be your top 3, or do you have the 1? How do you acquire this weapon, is it by the mystery box? Mine is the wunderwaffe as it kills multiple zombies as once.
  9. How long are the Xbox Consoles supposed to last? If you treat your Xbox with care and your careful how you handle it, how many years will the console last before it breaks or doesn't work anymore? What's your opinion on this?
  10. Xbox One X VS Xbox One S

    As the title says, which is better? The Xbox One X or the Xbox One S? Vote in the poll and explain your reason! I haven't used either consoles so I can't say which I prefer as a gamer.
  11. Console Ventilation

    Do you have a fan on your 360 to keep your console cool? Does the ventilation make a lot of noise when you are gaming? Does it overheat and does your game crash while you play? Is it not a problem but the ventilation for your Xbox 360 is just very loud and annoying at times?
  12. Gold membership - FREE

    12 months of Gold costs £40 pounds which is around $53 for those who don't live in the UK. It's quite expensive, and if you can get it for free thats a bonus! Does anyone know of any Get-Paid to sites where you complete surverys and tasks and you get rewarded by Gift Cards?
  13. Xbox 360: Value

    How much are the Xbox 360's worth in general? My console is in perfect condition. Planning to sell it with 10 games, all of the games are working. Selling the console with 1 controller. Is my 360 worth selling? I wanted to see if the 360 had any value in it first before I upgraded to the One X.
  14. White or Black: Xbox One X

    Have you ordered the Xbox One X? If you have, do you have a white or black console? Which colour do you think the Xbox One X looks better in?
  15. Capture Card: Xbox 360

    Do you record your content? How do you record your Xbox 360? By Capture Card? Is it easy to capture gameplay for the Xbox 360, what's the easiest way to do this?