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  1. Play Any Sports Games?

    I started playing FIFA since the release of FIFA 2002 Then I stopped for a while until FIFA 2008 has been released I kept playing FIFA till I reached FIFA 2012. I discovered FIFA Online later on. I liked it and I played a lot of matches online. But from that time I'm not playing FIFA anymore.
  2. Guys, fifa 16 was going to be much better than the current one, there's a leak showing how fifa was going to be I found it on youtube
  3. Quick Run Down

    furthermore, it's a realistic game. if you buy the right joystick, its gonna be more fun. however, I personally didn't like the online experience, because when you're online, there will be no cars on the road, but only some trucks of other some players running with speed.
  4. PC or Console?

    PC is much much better. consoles are in their way to be a PC in few years lol. the only difference will be the OS.