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  1. A movie/tv show based on a book?

    Do you ever watch movies or a tv show that is based on a book you've read? Did you enjoy the book more or the movie/tv show more? Why?
  2. Movies you're looking forward to?

    I'm looking forward to the next Star Wars movie coming out this December. I am also looking forward to the Dark Tower movie coming out in August. I'm sure there are other movies that I'd like to see but I just can't think of them off the top of my head right now.
  3. Hardest Mario Levels

    There were some pretty hard levels on Super Mario Galaxy. I can't remember if it's the first one or the second one. Maybe it's a couple of levels from both. I just remember there were some levels that almost drove me mad trying to beat them.
  4. How often do you play video games?

    I play a few times a week. But that also depends on how much spare time I have during the week. If I'm really busy after work then that may go down but if I'm not that busy then I'll have more time to play.
  5. Storyline or No Storyline?

    Normally, I play games that have a story to it. Like Super Mario Bros. or the Harry Potter games, for instance. Now, I can play games like Mario Kart that don't really have a story behind it but that's a game I only play some of the time and it's more fun to play with other people. I remember playing that for the first time with my brothers.
  6. First Nintendo console?

    My first Nintendo console was the NES. My parents bought one for the whole family and that was when I fell in love with Nintendo. I grew up on Nintendo and the Mario Bros. series so I continued to play it all through my childhood. As a matter of fact, I have the Super NES that my brothers and I purchased hooked up to my tv right now. Yes, it still works.
  7. Who will get the Nintendo Switch?

    I plan on getting one. I know they are available for sale now, however, I waited to see what kind of games they were going to make for the Switch. If they don't make enough games for a specific console that interest me, then I won't buy the specific console. I think I may ask for one for Christmas. Super Mario Odyssey will be out by then.
  8. Favourite movie genre(s)?

    I prefer fantasy, science fiction, horror and thriller. Those are what keep me entertained the most...
  9. Do you prefer XBOX over PC?

    I do prefer X-Box over the PC. I've never been a pc gamer for some reason. I've always been strictly a console gamer.
  10. First Nintendo console?

    What was your first console from Nintendo? Which one is your favorite? Why do you like that one over the others?
  11. Favorite Nintendo Console

    My favorite has always been the GameCube. There were so many titles that came out for that particular console that have been my all time favorite that Nintendo has ever produced.
  12. PC or Console?

    I've always preferred console gaming over PC gaming. That may have a lot to do with the fact that I grew up on console gaming as a kid.
  13. Nintendo Wii U Games you own

    I have mostly Mario games. There is a few games that I have outside of that, like Donkey Kong : Tropical Freeze, but they are rare.
  14. Which was your first horror game?

    I think the only game that I can count as a horror game is Luigi's Mansion. If that doesn't count then I haven't played any horror games.
  15. Nintendos New Mario?

    They may be introducing a new Mario when the Nintendo Switch comes out in March of next year. That's what I'm thinking it could be anyway. If it's not something to that effect then I don't really have any idea.