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  1. Just some of my art :)

    I like your art style. It has a pretty awesome grittiness to it. Good job! Post some more when you get a chance. Also, any chance you have any digital work?
  2. Post your PS ID!

    C'mon guys, share the love! Lets play sometime, my PSN ID is Trilient.
  3. Fall Out 4

    I've yet to complete fallout 3, and I'm already looking forward to the 4th installment. one of us
  4. Your Favorite Class?

    You mean to tell me there's classes other than the Warlock?
  5. Door Ajar Chime

    As neat as that is, it'd probably get pretty annoying after awhile. Nothing like a gunfight in the middle of town only to have your care yelling at you about it's open door!
  6. How long do you spend gaming every day?

    Well, since Ark just had a free weekend, steam tells me I put 15 hours in to it over the course of two days. And one of those days I only put an hour in.
  7. Welcome, Community relaunch Update

    Looks good, keep up the good work.
  8. I generally like to play as the Zerg or Protoss in SC2. Whats your favorite race?