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  1. What is your dream smartphone?

    I currently own my dream smartphone, which is the Galaxy S7! I just got it back on Monday, I've upgraded from my Galaxy S2, which was already starting to be outdated when I got that phone about three years ago. It sucks that I wasn't able to move my contacts over to my new phone, since my old phone refused to link up to my new one even though Samsung Smart Switch was able to be installed on my old phone... I could install the program on my computer and do it that way, I'll have to do that soon. :V
  2. PC or Console?

    I'm more of a fan of console gaming than PC gaming. I just bought a gaming rig about three years ago, which I'm actually using right now to post this. I do have steam installed, but I don't play most of my games anymore. I find myself playing consoles more, especially my older ones since I honestly think actual hardware is better than emulators. But I don't outright dislike PC games. I still occasionally play them.
  3. Who still plays OldSchool Games?

    *Raises hand* The majority of games I play are retro ones. I don't mean on the PS2, since that's not retro in my eyes. (However I do enjoy those games too!) But I mean I love to play various Sega Genesis games on actual hardware. (I own about four Sega Genesis, and a Retron 5 but I can't count that really.) I play ROM hacks on my Flashcart for my Sega Genesis, and I'm looking to invest in a flash cart for my SNES as well as my N64. (After I get another memory pak, mine is corrupted now. ) As much as I like newer games, I prefer retro ones.