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  1. I have played (bought) every game in the battlefield series but never really got into any of them. However the one that I enjoyed the most would probably be Battlefield 2. I like this one because at this time my friends had gotten the game as well so I have other people to play with. Our favorite thing to do was find like a "junglish" type map where we would just a "adventure" out to the edges of the map and find awesome snipping spots that where totally useless lmao kinda lame but we where young that that was fun for us. So if you have played this game what are your favorite moment while playing and which one was your favorite!?
  2. Do you sit on your couch on watch on your television or do you do most of you watching on a computer, tablet, or phone? I would say I watch TV about 30% of the time and the rest is streaming from my laptop. Now a days there really isn't any good television anyways. Only time I actually tune in is when there is something interesting on the history channel (like ancient aliens).