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  1. PC or Console?

    I'd probably lean more towards consoles these days but in my heart i will always know and being a part of #PCMASTERRACE
  2. World of Warcraft

    I'm fairly impressed this game isn't a thread already I use to play quite a bit of WoW but I do not have the same time to dedicate to the game these days. It was an alright time when I played and got some friends involved. A lot of people have played this game before...have you?
  3. Anyone Buy PS Plus?

    Do you actually have to pay for PSN these days to play online? Or do you just get benefits from getting PS +
  4. Spotify

    I've been using Spotify Premium for some time now...I also found out recently that if you pay $15 a month you can add 5 "Family" members to the account and they can piggyback off your subscription.
  5. What are you listening to right now?

    I'm listening to Street Called Mercy by Hillsong United
  6. Hours Spent

    There was a two year time span while I was running a server that I had an absolute blast because of the community that formed around the server. Unfortunately there was some drama that creeped up that caused me to go away and retire the server. I have no idea how many hours I spent but I know it has to be a ridiculous amount.
  7. Do you ever get bored of gaming?

    I think the tendency is to get bored much more quickly especially if you aren't engaging in conversation with friends. However I did get to a point with gaming a few different times where I simply did not care to be playing anymore, it felt like I was almost forcing myself to play and it bothered me how serious some people are haha.
  8. ToonTown Rewritten

    Is there anyone here that plays this game? I quite enjoy it being as I do more casual gaming than anything else these days.
  9. What's your favorite battlefield?

    Hmm...I kind of dropped out of the FPS genre a bit but my favorite BF game had to have been Battlefield 4...after they got it tweaked to the point it was at least playable.