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  1. How do you like your coffee and/or tea?

    I'm not a fan of coffee so I don't drink it, but I prefer my tea with milk, either 1 sweetener or 3 sugars. Although the only time I tend to have a cup of tea is when I fancy a couple of biscuits. Nom nom.
  2. Still using e-mail?!

    I haven't use e-mail to actually have a conversation with someone in so, so long. But nowadays with all the fancy packages you can buy for your phone, you can end up texting internationally with no extra costs. I was able to call/text my dad when he visited Spain from England and it didn't cost me an extra penny.
  3. Anyone Buy PS Plus?

    On the PS4 you have to pay for PSN now, yup. I believe it was around £6 a month or if you're going to be buying longer amounts of time at once then it'll work out cheaper. I mean, if you spend a lot of time gaming and such, £6 isn't all that much to spend every month or so.
  4. World of Warcraft

    Oh how World of Warcraft was my life. Spent my entire time dedicated to Arenas(2s & 3s) for about 5 years. Although I never really got that deeply into retail, I had a couple of maxed characters up until cataclysm on WoW then gave up on retail and completely moved onto PvP dedicated private servers. Managed to accomplish Gladiator rank(rank 1 in 2s/3s) on a couple servers playing as Holy Paladin / Resto Druid. 5.0.5 Must of been the most fun patch I have ever played on, the start of MOP. It was so broken where you could literally kill people in 3 hits unless you were somewhat a decent healer. Had a ton of run playing resto druid in this patch, only decent healer I could play as to avoid brutal hits with the amount of kiting ability I had.. Then hunter became broken upon this patch being able to hit 600k+ crits. :L Ah the days. It's sad that they pretty much ruined the PvP side of WoW, although it seems like they are trying to regain and fix it... I just can't see it ever feeling the same as it was back in it's glory days, I still wish I could hop back on and enjoy it but that'll never happen again.