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  1. All-Time Favourite Games?

    My all-time favorites would have to Skyrim, the Halo franchise, Gears of War, Broforce and Dead Island.
  2. Titanfall

    I've played a bit of this and it was a lot of fun!
  3. What's your favorite battlefield?

    I think my favorite Battlefield game would have to be Battlefield: Hardline. It's a lot of fun to play and very addictive. I especially love the new game modes.
  4. Nazi Zombies?

    I think the zombies mode is very fun in Call of Duty games, especially the futuristic variation in Modern Warfare. And yeah, like the OP said, the storylines behind the gamemode is cool.
  5. How many games do you own?

    According to Steam I own about 98 games, but most of them are either free or games I've received from giveaways.
  6. Just some of my art :)

    That's some awesome artwork! I especially love the drawing of the eye - simplistic but great.
  7. Favourite Xbox Game?

    I'd have to agree with Maestro, Halo was definitely a fantastic series and my favorite series exclusive to the Xbox.
  8. Your Favourite Worlds

    My favorite types of Worlds in Minecraft would be have to be naturally generated ones, but with lots of cliffs and strangely shaped land. They're always fun to explore and build on.
  9. Favorite Console

    My favorite console thus far would have to be the Xbox One, especially because of the great deals and exclusive games the console has.
  10. Nice and entertaining video, however, you could have broken it up into two or three episodes like most YouTubers would do.
  11. Plants Vs Zombies

    It's a good game for passing the time, but not something I thoroughly enjoyed. Maybe it was because on the game I played (the free one for Android) got too difficult too quickly.
  12. How long do you spend gaming every day?

    I play for about 2 or so hours on a weekend and for about half an hour or so on a weekday. I'm usually busy with homework and performing forum duties unfortunately.
  13. Skyrim Glitches

    I remember there was this glitch once that occurred when I killed an imperial soldier and instead of dying, he fell to the ground and started sliding around, following me wherever I went. That was funny.
  14. Fall Out 4

    I cannot wait for Fallout 4 and I think it looks so cool! I wouldn't mind playing the first two fallout games however, they both seem pretty cool.