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  1. If you could travel anywhere, where would you travel to?

    New Zealand cause i cant get further away from here
  2. Back up

    I have a system image on an external HDD, Backup copies of files on that HDD and OneDrive synced on top Already thought about a VPS or dedicated server for an external backup as well.
  3. Operating systems

    Windows 10 Home on laptop cause it was preinstalled, Android 6 on my Galaxy S7 Edge
  4. Desktops VS Laptops

    Since i got my first laptop im a laptop person but next Gaming machine will be a desktop 100 percent
  5. Windows 10

    I am using Windows 10 since one of its later Insider Buildsand still use it today but i thought of switching to Linux.
  6. Looks like you did an update of IPB :)

    1. Empire


      Indeed, Just the main theme isn't supported with the new update and so it be some time for the theme will be updated