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  1. The Elder Scrolls series

    That's what it is, so that works. hehehe
  2. The Elder Scrolls series

    Look at my original post.
  3. Why do you like Minecraft?

    I know right! Damn violent games!! hehehe
  4. First Person Shooters

    I prefer 3rd person shooters, esp. when you can trick out your character like in APB Reloaded.
  5. Why do you like Minecraft?

    There were no computers when I was 5. lol hahahaha!
  6. Will you buy Destiny 2?

    I had extra money so I bought the "Deluxe Edition". Supposed to get a special energy weapon and full access to all expansions!
  7. Why do you like Minecraft?

    hehehehe How old is she?
  8. Will you buy Destiny 2?

    Destiny 2 is awesome.
  9. Will you buy Destiny 2?

    Turns out they released this on the PC so I pre-ordered it. It's wicked!!!
  10. Why do you like Minecraft?

    I don't like Minecraft. lol I'm not into voxel building games....
  11. Storyline or No Storyline?

    Coolness. Yeah my favorite type of game is MMOs! I love any sort of multiplayer.
  12. Who will get the Nintendo Switch?

    Besides the original Atari 2600, I've only owned an original Nintendo and a PS3 (320GB version). We might get another PS3 as I heard you can't play PS3 stuff on the PS4 (lame). And we have a shitload of stuff we bought for the PS3 (digitally and we still have our account).
  13. Do you use any Social Network?

    You have like a FB "fan page" for your site? Or a group?