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  1. Hello,i setted up the Mods folder. (OpenIV-All "Plugins" are installed) I can try anything to install a mod. My Game crashes. I only have one Mod, and i dont know how i installed it that he is working. So, what i trying to asking. How exaclty i install a Mod (Replace dont work anyway. Add-One one time) Plz help me, i can cry because i setted up the Mods folder over 30 Times with the same problem.... The YouTube Tuts dont help.... And there is another problem. I hope that someone knew the impossible "GTA V Redux Mod", can someone say how to install him? I have the same problem as the Mods folder. When i install the "Fix gameconfig.xml" or what ever its called. My game crashes. In the Forum from "GTA V Redux Mod" is no section for GTA V crashes to get my angry...... So please, help me