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  1. Lots of stuff going on about this, I really don't know what to feel considering that this was one of the first things that Trump went ahead and did. Google is recalling many of its overseas staffers it seems in order to be in compliance with this new order. I think the whole thing is a bit bogus to be quite honest. Google's co-founder Sergey Brin and President of Alphabet joined protestors in San Francisco, but in a personal capacity along with many protestors at airports across the nation. He himself was a refugee who founded Google, and I find it quite disheartening that it has come to this. What are your thoughts on immigration?
  2. Dofus and Wakfu

    I was wondering if anyone here plays a french game called Dofus or Wakfu, it really has a unique system that I have not seen elsewhere. Although it uses turn-based fighting model, it is one of my favorite. Have you guys ever played it, or have you ever played games like turn based fighting MMORPGs? If you do have some, let me know as I am interested
  3. Have you ever been?

    Hey guys, so I was just thinking of an interesting point brought up by a friend of mine. So, I am currently on vacation in a different country, now I don't know how long I will be staying but that's not the point. My friend got all sorts of let's say scared when she asked where I was visiting. I am currently in Pakistan visiting some family as well as on vacation because frankly, it is cheap as hell. Now, I wanted to know if any of you have been overseas to a 3rd world country, and what are your thoughts on it?
  4. Anyone ever done this?

    I think the point of doing that is to get away from the family. Sometimes you don't have enough money or resources to do something big, but you need some time for yourself and therefore I think it is an excellent choice to go and enjoy yourself. As it is you should have a treat yo self-day or so it is called. In my opinion I think many people who do this are introverts, and it is shunned to do that in society these days. I think your question is both though provoking and interesting.
  5. What's your favorite TV Shows?

    Well, there are a lot of t.v shows that I like to watch depending on my mood. Now, I like to rewatch some classics and some other anime t.v shows I guess you could call it. I am going to list them, but they are obviously no in any order. Sherlock Holmes - UK Version The Flash Arrow Boondocks (Because come on Apimpnamedslickback) Naruto How I met your mother Legends of Tomorrow Narcos Doctor Who House of Cards (The level of awesomeness can not be described). And so many more other t.v shows that I have forgotten, oh wait I remember Cheers such a good t.v show.
  6. How do you like your coffee and/or tea?

    Ah...the age old question of Tea or Coffee. I have tried both, and it just depends on the mood...but seriously, Black Tea no Sugar. It is so good that if it does not have caffeine after the first cup I would only drink coffee all day every day. I drink tea, but rarely, because the taste doesn't suit me well at all, no matter if I have it black, with milk or with sugar. Doesn't give me the kick that I look for especially when waking up in the morning...yeah I am an addict.
  7. Desktops VS Laptops

    I Have both, to be honest, I use my laptop for a work environment, and desktop for gaming and anything related to that. Pretty obvious that desktop is cheaper in parts to make, better graphics, and other such goodies. While a laptop is less powerful and has limited usage in the area of gaming, it is coming along nicely, but the prices are just sometimes really outrageous in my opinion. Add to the fact that you would have to change a laptop every 2-3 years, depending on the specifications and on you don't, you can pretty much see my point.
  8. Skyrim vs Online?

    I have played both, and honestly, I prefer Skyrim, many here I think would agree that they prefer Skyrim over Elder Scrolls Online. However, the thing about Elder Scrolls online that many people forget is that it is not supposed to be like Skyrim. Of course, it's a Massive Multiplayer, and with that comes several limitations as well as other features that are inherently left out or are not added. I mean, I want to be the guy going around killing non-playable characters, but in Elder Scrolls online...obviously you can not do that. The plot is very linear, and there is not much of sandbox feeling while playing Elder Scrolls Online. I think what many people are stumped on is the fact that they can not do things by themselves, obviously, in Skyrim, it is very much possible to play whenever you want because it is an offline game. However with Elder Scrolls, to complete dungeons efficiently, you need other players and need to interact with other people. So Although, it is an Elder Scrolls game, I think that comparing it or even saying which one is better, in my opinion is fairly wrong. Because, it is like trying to compare, apples and oranges, of course both are fruits (Elder Scroll game), but each person has a unique taste, some like apples others like oranges.
  9. PC or Console?

    I used to play PC games, and I switched to console games, honestly, it depends on the genre that you like to play. Usually, the games I like to play can only be found on PC, such as some strategy games and Grand Strategy Games. Additionally, you can also see some Roleplaying Games on steam as well, and MMORPGs which are the bread and butter of what I play. That said, I also play handheld console games but less and less as graphics and pretty much everything else is much better on my PC. Though...I only play Pokemon with my handheld
  10. Storyline or No Storyline?

    Hey, Honestly, I am a guy who loves stories, I am an avid fan of strategy games, and storylines are something that creates an atmosphere where I can immerse myself into a proper strategy game or roleplaying game. That is with the newer games that I have played so far, however, I also have a love for old games like super Mario, where there is a minimal effort put into storylines. The reason for this is nostalgia for one, and secondly, I believe that some games don't need a proper storyline. Like you said, some of your friends prefer to view the storyline and they like it, perhaps it also has to deal with the genre they are playing as well. Some friends like to smash, I suspect they prefer Mortal Combat and FPS games, these games don't need a storyline at all, it seems a moot point really.