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  1. Who will get the Nintendo Switch?

    Maybe I will or maybe I won't get into Nintendo switch
  2. Grand Theft Auto Five

    Most but all players have moved into modelling of there GTA5 game
  3. Price Increase

    I'm in another country and aren't good with exchange rates, but £10 is allot. I can buy two cups of coffer and a nice yummy cake
  4. Sly Cooper Collection

    Nope. Isn't it a very good game based?
  5. Never even heard of this singer
  6. Your opinion on justin beiber

    My opinion of Justin Bieber always seems to be changing. When he was just starting out I could not have cared less. He was just an obnoxious little boy making music for little girls, and I was way way out of that demo. As he started to get a little older, his music started to get a little better but his behavior went off the rails. It wasn't annoying pop tunes anymore. It was a kid who seemed like a danger to himself and those around him. But now... well. This article nicely sums up a lot of my feelings. The music isn't perfect -- it's still maturing -- but it's actually good now. And then on top of that, he's totally reformed his image and seems to be growing up. So... I mean... I guess I like him. Purpose is good, and he doesn't seem to be that dumbass kid anymore. Good for him.
  7. Life without Google!

    I can't. But maybe through other search engines like Bing. However Google comes easily to many people including me, super intuitive and lots of indexing and pops up replies in no real time. That's what google does best. And guess what-you get an added advantage if your on Google+
  8. Power Windows

    Most modern cars that people have now are power windows. Even still around back in the early 90s
  9. Should Alcohol be Illegal?

    I think it should, as should cigarettes, pot, and things like mushrooms and LSD. But, I think all of those should require a license to purchase. Those who wish to quit should be able to cancel their own license to buy it. That way, if you have addiction issues and you are rational enough to be able to know what is best for you, you won't be able to just go down to the corner store and buy it because of a craving. I understand that some will see this as a "nanny state" thing, but I think addiction (including alcoholism) ruins a lot of lives, and a slight inconvenience for those who don't have problems, could massively help a lot of people who do.
  10. Stars Don't Die In Liverpool Review

    Very interesting movie. something that I might see, however aren't much of a watcher
  11. Why do you like Minecraft?

    I like minecraft because it is the first game so far that has startled the shit out of me. LOl
  12. How is the Weather?

    It's starting to cool down as winter is here. Glad that it's still sunny
  13. Can't remember the last time I played. Lost time.
  14. Hello/Goodbye Thread

    Hello everyone, how are we all?