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  1. Dishwasher vs. Hand Washing

    I use the dishwasher. It's way faster that way and you can wash more dishes at the same time especially when you have a lot of people over for dinner. I still do handwashing the dishes sometimes though.
  2. Are your parents still alive?

    My parents are and they are retired. I help look after their house from time to time especially when they are away on vacation.
  3. First Nintendo console?

    My first one was the original black and white Gameboy. I got it when I was 6yrs old and spent hours on it.
  4. Digital or Physical Distribution?

    I prefer Physical. It doesn't take up room on your console and you can trade with other people or sell the game if you don't want it anymore.
  5. Which was your first horror game?

    Does Doom count as a horror game? That was pretty horrific for me when I was younger and playing it but it was a lot of fun.
  6. Specialty

    What is your cooking specialty? Mine is the Chicken Carbonara that I love to make. It's pasta with chopped grilled chicken mixed with sauteed mushrooms, bacon bits, and Carbonara Sauce.
  7. Are any of you planning on getting the Nintendo Switch when it comes out? I will probably be getting it the first day it comes out!
  8. What happened to EA baseball?

    I would love to see EA Sports make baseball games again but that will probably never happen. I think they lost their license to make the games and it's now 2k sports making the baseball games but they just aren't the same or as good as the EA Sports games.
  9. Oldschool Games?

    I remember Crash Bandicoot! My friend and I would play that game for hours! I play a lot of the Super Mario games. I also like to play Pacman a lot. Now that game is a classic!
  10. Do you ever get bored of gaming?

    Nope I never get bored of gaming. I might get bored of a game but that's when I try a different game to play. There are millions of games out there to play and not enough time to try them all. Gaming is fun especially when you have friends over and you battle each other.
  11. Facebook Games?

    There are still games out there on Facebook? I remember when they use to be really popular back in the day. I don't play games on Facebook, I just use it to keep in touch with people.
  12. PC or Console?

    Although PC games are much better, I prefer console gaming as another user on here said it's much better just relaxing in your chair or even your bed playing games on tv. I am a Nintendo fan mostly.
  13. GTA V looks awesome!

    The graphics keep getting better and better and it makes the game a lot more fun to play. It is a great game for sure! I recommend it to anyone who enjoys these types of games.