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  1. The Sims?

    The Sims 4 is terrible when compared to The Sims 3 due to the lack of an open world and the cartoonish style of its graphics. This is not even going into the ridged building tools that the sims 4 has which means that any houses built in the game there is a lot less varied than in past games.
  2. I just wished they would make Euro Truck simulator 3 instead of publishing a million pieces of DLC for a game that is already aging pretty badly due to its poor game engine. In fact they are becoming almost of bad as Bethesda at milking the life out of games.
  3. Fidget Spinners

    Yes, I have wired fidget spinner that I brought from China via eBay. I have the fidget spinner to be fun in short bursts but it does get boring really quickly. On the part about them being a fad; I think that the popularity of fidget spinners was artificially created by a few companies in order to make loads of money.
  4. Gaming Reviews

    It depends on where that review came from. If it’s a few normal reviews on the games’ steam page then you can get a pretty good idea of how good that game is. What I don’t trust nowadays is professional game review websites as their writers will often review a game based on how closely it comes to their political stance rather than how good that game is.
  5. GTA 5 Wildlife Documentary | Onto The Land

    I wasn’t saying that the content was bad, in fact I think it was good but I was complaining about a few editing issues like strange audio and having the background music be too loud to keep attention on what he was saying. When consuming any type of content you need to notice mistakes, otherwise the person making that content will never inprove.
  6. When will GTA 6 be released ?

    A big problem of just updating GTA Online and not the core is that people who don’t play the multiplayer will get board of the game or at least on consoles where you can’t mod the game. Rockstar is relying on the lack of competition to get away with the lack of new games which leaves the market open to new open world games.
  7. GTA 5 Wildlife Documentary | Onto The Land

    The video comes off as a parody of a BBC wildlife documentary but the audio appears to have some really heavy noise reduction done to it (Listen after each word it sounds like noise gate hocking on and off). Also, the background music is pretty annoying as it is slightly too loud compared to his voice but at least the idea was pretty sound.
  8. GTA V looks awesome!

    GTA 5 might look good at a first glance but if you look closer at a lot of the buildings in the game you will notice that most of them are very simple 3D models, often with dreadful texture quality. I just wish that GTA 5 was more consistent with the quality of it graphics as it really is distracting to see one shop that looks lovely and the next shop whose textures would not look out of place on the original Xbox.
  9. I think that if GTA 5 has more of the RPG type things from San Andreas, the game would be a lot more fun as at the moment GTA 5 lacks really any kind of side activity and most of the fun you can get from the game comes from just messing about in a car.
  10. Buying games

    Like most people who game on the PC, I get my games online. This is because online storefronts like steam or humble bundle will often have games that are discounted by over 75%. Even if most computer game shops sold used PC games, they would not sell at all due to the discounting that goes on in the online store fronts which is a stark difference compared to console gaming that have a huge used game economy.
  11. Disappointing games

    Yes, the most disappointing one was the 2013 “game” sim city. The game was a buggy mess with a dreadfully small play area of just 2kx2k which means you can complete a map in less than an hour. The worst part is the game would lag on my I7 3770K which says a lot about how optimized the game was.
  12. Immigration To the United States

    The whole ban thing has been heavily overblown. The executive order never banned US citizens, it was just airports not popularly understanding the text. On the issue of refugees; the USA is not the closest safe country to most other in reality if the people who claim to be refugees and don’t come from Mexico or Canada then they are not refugees but economic migrants. Refugees = people felling war or similar situation. Economic migrants are people who take a financial advantage of migrating to a another country often causing wages to go lower for people on lower skilled work or claiming welfare.
  13. buying a new game

    Generally, I wait for a game to go on a huge price drop before I will buy it as buying games at full price means I are not taking any advantage of the extra competition that comes with all the different digital store fronts you see on PC.
  14. Gender Separate Bathrooms?

    Having shared gender bathrooms will very likely lead to business’s building less toilets aka longer lines to use a public toilet. People will find it awkward the other sex in the same toilets. That does not even go into the issue of perverts taking advantage of the saturation this creates.
  15. Grand Theft Auto 6

    To be honest I think that Rockstar games are really limiting the design of their games by limiting the locations that grand theft auto can take place. I really do wish they would do another game in London as the UK has far more verity than the USA.