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  1. First Nintendo console?

    Super Nintendo! It was the first gaming console I ever owned. After that I got a PS1.
  2. PS5 Release Date

    I'm not sure whether or not it's going to be worth getting instead of a PS4 to be honest, unless you just want the latest console. It'll need something amazing added into it to get my money!
  3. What MMORPG's do you play?

    I currently don't play any, but I have tried out a few of them. Nothing that made me want to stick around though. What MMO's are you playing? Why do you like them?
  4. Best Free to Play MMO's

    I agree. Nothing competes with them player wise, but I'm hoping to find a good alternative to World of Warcraft.
  5. I'm waiting for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. Dragon Ball Z games are just awesome, and Xenoverse is crazy if you're a DBZ fan. What games are you waiting for to be released?
  6. Manager / Strategy Games

    I never heard of F-1 Manager, but I play EHM 2007 pretty often with updated rosters for PC. It's game designed where you're the general manager of a hockey team, not restricted the NHL, and you build your team to win it all. It's really addicting.
  7. PS4 or Xbox One

    Which do you prefer? I'm personally a ride or die with Sony. I feel like Sony always delivers a better product than Xbox overall, but if I had a choice I'd own both consoles.
  8. NBA 2K

    Anyone else play NBA2k17? NBA games are my 2nd favorite next to NHL. I love basketball , and hockey. I easily get addicted to them.
  9. Best Free to Play MMO's

    What MMO's would you recommend that are free to play? I use to play World of Warcraft, but I didn't want to pay for it after level 20. I also played on private servers, but the gaming experience isn't the same.
  10. I play PS3 almost everyday. Mostly sports games. i'm hooked to NHL 17. I cant get enough of it. I love building my team, and playing every game for my seasons. Do you play videos games everyday? What are are your favorites?