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  1. In my opinion, a higher education is always worth it, but maybe not for jobs. For instance, if a plumber wants to study nuclear physics or art, then have at it. However, though, the keyword here is maybe, and it's not always as obvious as it seems. For instance, yes, the job market will be open to a math or nursing major. However, though, a history major might still be able to put his knowledge to good use, even without traditional employment. In fact, the world of blogging could be a window to making a lot of money. I mean, look at all the political junkies out there.
  2. I have to say I'm a moderate in some aspects. For instance, socialism is good to some extent - but it has to be checked because so many abuse it. For instance, some people might get pregnant or have kids for government money. In that case, it's a type of extortion of the government and taxpayers. Anyway, the main problem seems to be the fact that society and families are broken and there just isn't any jobs - given the qualifications of the workforce.
  3. Poker Machine Games

    Well, I don't think they're like the real thing, though. In that case, I would use them to train, but I'd be cautious. There is no way they could be like a real machine - or everybody would be training on them - and everyone would be beating the house!
  4. Sports Games

    I like soccer quite a bit and used to enjoy playing a soccer video game. In fact, I'd like to even try some new sport like rugby or cricket. However, though, I simply just haven't made the time - and my schedule is very busy.
  5. How can I build my own game?

    It shocks me that making games is so easy now. However, though, 3D art creation is available to anyone - and I'm talking about highly realistic models and animation - so why wouldn't other advanced stuff be? However, though, a big block to this sort of thing is time. There simply has to be hours set aside - and many people cannot do it.
  6. I don't think a lot of games need cheating guides as much as they seem to. For instance, Super Mario Galaxy 2 can normally be figured out with just a little mental effort. Therefore, I think cheating guides seem to be a type of laziness, tbh.
  7. A movie/tv show based on a book?

    The Bible was the only book I read that I also saw as a movie. However, though, the movie versions, though fantastic, are nothing compared to a reading. Anyway, my opinion on this is the same as with music videos - in that, I'd rather use my imagination than use the director's.
  8. The Simpsons

    I hate it when good TV shows become lame. I think they should just jerk them off the TV. Anyway, though, for another thought, even when they had good material, they seemed to take cheap shots at Christians, small-town Americans, and just generally working class people (aka Homer). But then again, they have to at least make fun of small town people to be funny, right? Who is exempt from mockery?
  9. Watching TV harmful

    Computers have replaced TV for me, but like TV, they can be harmful if overdone, even if the intention is to work and not to play. Anyway, though, I do watch a little TV. For instance, I enjoy a good TV show or movie while eating a meal.
  10. I think it takes a lot of bravery because what if you bomb? Anyway, in a lot of ways, though way less severe, I'd say being a teacher is similar. What might be some other professions similar to being a comedian?
  11. Mario Kart

    Right, it is certainly one of the hardest ones, maybe the hardest one, mainly because there are no guard rails. Also, the look of it is rather unique due to it being in a dark sky with all the rainbow colors etc.. Anyway, I don't have a favorite course on there, nor any I see as sucky. They're all pretty exciting and interesting, tbh.
  12. Who will get the Nintendo Switch?

    It's already come out, but it will still probably be a long time until I get it, mainly because I haven't even gotten a Wii U yet, as comical as that sounds. I've been playing the original Wii since around 2008. However, though, the game still works well - considering it's age.
  13. Sports Games

    Normally I like games like Mario and racing ones. However, though, a good American football game is quite enjoyable. Anyway, what is your favorite sport/sports for games and what particular ones - do you like? Note, I play Madden Football, but I haven't really looked around at alternatives.
  14. Super Bowl 50

    Not sure at the moment, but I do know the NFL's popularity has gone down the tubes - mainly due to the protests and scandals. In that case, I'm wondering if the Superbowl's normally high rate for ads will be lower. Will there be a political scene - at the Super Bowl?
  15. Who prefers the Wii?

    I'd like to get into more stuff outside of Donkey Kong and Mario, but I'm just not that much into gaming, due to no time, so I just settle for what I know. However, there is stuff similar to what I like in Playstation and xBox. For instance, xBox has Banjo-kazooie and I know I like that because I used to love it on Nintendo 64.