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  1. Where do you like to travel?

    Where do you like to travel? With who you are going there and for how much time? Why do you like this place?
  2. AMD Ryzen 5

    AMD Ryzen 5 is comming very soon. What do you think about it? In which CPU of the Ryzen 5 series are you most interested in? Why? I'm pretty sure the 1600X will be the best-selling product and it will outperform the Intel i5.
  3. What sites you visit normally?

    I visit these sites on daily: PromotionStorm PromotionEra ForumPromotion Forumotion RefferalDirectory YouTube
  4. Are your parents still alive?

    Yes, they are alive and I'm happy that they are.
  5. Hello/Goodbye Thread

    Hello! How is everyone?
  6. How is the Weather?

    Today is sunny and hot.
  7. What kind of car do you have?

    I don't have a car. I hope I will have one in the futue ^^
  8. Juices?

    Banana is my favourite one. Not sure why but it is!
  9. Music you dance to?

    I don't like to dance at all. Maybe because I can't, haha.
  10. PlayStation 5

    I don't think PS5 will be any better than a budget computer.
  11. Deadpool

    Well, I don't plan anything like that.
  12. What's the last thing you ate?

    Last time it was fish.
  13. Favourite movie genre(s)?

    I like horror movies, action and something like criminal.
  14. Mostly on TV but sometimes I watch movies at my PC too.
  15. Your opinion on justin beiber

    I don't listen to his music so I can't say.