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  1. Game Review

    I liked this game, but I would have to go with 18 WOS: American long Haul or similar before I go with Euro truck Similator. I felt that the graphics, and the play was a bit off and I just was not a big fan.
  2. Have any of you played Flight Simulator? I used to play Flight Simulator X and I loved it. My Favorite aircraft of all time was on it, the DC3. If you have played it have you ever been apart of a virtual airline? Basically you take a flight from their website and complete them in the game and you et paid with virtual cash on the virtual airlines website.
  3. Thank you However at this time I would not be able to play it, 1 I use a mac most of the time Except my work pc. and Second I just would not have time. You can choose another user for the gift as mine would not be put to use.
  4. Tony Hacks pro skater 3

    The Game was good, Although I personally like the original tony hawk pro skater the best, Just like I Prefer Gran Turismo 1 over the new versions.
  5. Candy crush

    I play this after a while it gets boring to me, but then again I get bored of games pretty quickly.
  6. Have you ever decided to take a wii apart and see the components of how it works. I have not but always wanted to. If you did please send some pictures so I can see.
  7. Gameboy

    Have you used the gameboy color, DS, Or any of the newer models?
  8. Have you modded your Wii console?

    I chose not to mod mine, mainly because I just dont play the wii enough to worry about the mods, and I only play wii sports, or dancing games with my wife.
  9. Wii Fit

    I played it however was not a big fan, I actually liked wii sports better than the wii fit, The dancing games also give a good workout.
  10. This may be something to look into for myself, I never had a chance to play final fantasy x However I have friends that did and they played it multiple times.
  11. Favourite Movies?

    One is The Ultimate Gift, then for Comedy I like the American Pie Series, AP1, AP2, American Wedding, and American Reunion.
  12. Favourite Recipes

    I personally do not have any favorite recipes, I eat just about anything.
  13. Favourite Xbox Game?

    Id have to say the original Halo was pretty good, but the entire series was good.
  14. Favorite Gameboy Game

    What is your favorite Gameboy game? I liked pokemon, myself.
  15. Gameboy

    Who played or plays the Gameboy? Have you ever played the original, or the Gameboy Color?