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  1. Tony Hacks pro skater 3

    I actually agree The very mention of it brings back to me the fondest memories of 2002. Great soundtrack, without doubt.
  2. What's the last thing you ate?

    Chips...I was lazy with cooking tonight.
  3. Dishwasher vs. Hand Washing

    Okay, guys. So I posted a facebook status the other day about my Dishwasher, and recieved some feedback about how I was 'gioven two hands for a reason' and implying that using a dishwasher is lazy. I didn't install the dishwasher, the house came with it and it's the first time in my adult life I've lived in a house with one. I definitely see the benefits of a dishwasher, though. They are more economical, they save time, they save water (and are thus more environmentally friendly.) Before I had one, I really thought I didn't need one. Now that I do though, I think I'd struggle to keep the dishes at bay without them (we used to have a bit of a problem with them piling up in the sik, in our previous homes.) So I guess I put it to you, what do you prefer? Is one definitely better than the other? Did my friend have a point? (Not that it's likely to affect my choices...)
  4. Hello/Goodbye Thread

    Hey guys! Man, good to see this forum going pretty super.
  5. Tony Hacks pro skater 3

    LoLLLLLL! The versipon of the game that introduced my sister and I to our Bam Margera teenage fandom. Good game, but I regret that bit of it.
  6. FIFA 16

    I don't own a console, I'm not big on gaming...Well, a modern console anyway. Perhaps when the kids are bigger I might bother with that. I play it at my in-laws. Can't remember which year.
  7. FIFA 16

    Miss the FIFA games bro! Good reminder for me to crack one out tomorrow.
  8. Asking For $1,000,000

    I'm not sure what he did. Don't even do it on YouTube bro, write an e-mail.
  9. Asking For $1,000,000

    Okay, yes. It's been done. And done successfully - a man by the name of Craig Rowin made a series of YouTube videos that went viral where he effectivbely asked random celebrities, business people and businesses for $1,000,000. Eventually he was actually given $1,000,000 by a man by the name of Benjamin, who I don't believe he actually asked for a mill from./ More about this here: http://abcnews.go.com/Business/youtube-sensation-craig-rowin-million-dollars-asked/story?id=12722007 So, to the point of the thread. Would you do it? Could you do it? Could Craig's success be replicated?
  10. So. Yesterday my car conked out. It was kind of a bomb, but it was my bomb - and I didn't need to worry so much about cleanliness as anyone driving it (besides me, work to home and visa versa) was a rare occurrence at best. Anyway, it's due to be toed off the side of my street today and I had to clean it. Oh my God, it took forever just now. Clothes, Red Bull cans, the works. So - to address this thread which I'm sure will be on-going with me. Lesson 1. It's easier to keep a car clean than to do a big shock clean at a time you'd not planned prior.
  11. How someone could have so little regard for their child is beyond me. To just leave her there and walk off without even a second thought about the million and one things that could happen to her. This lady and her children, who found the little girl, deserve a medal. This child is obviously better off without the mopther who abandoned her anyhow. Local children find baby girl dumped in a gutter in Brisbane suburb of Inala A BABY girl has been rescued from a Brisbane street gutter after allegedly being dumped there by her mother. The 14-month-old girl was found in a pram on the side of the road by children who were playing in Sittella St, at Inala, Thursday afternoon. One of the children alerted their own mother, Amy Whiteman, who then took the baby girl in to her care and asked neighbours on the street if the baby belonged to them. When nobody claimed the 14-month-old, she called police and ambulance crews. “She was quite dirty,” Ms Whiteman told Channel 7. Read more: http://www.news.com.au/national/queensland/local-children-find-baby-girl-dumped-in-a-gutter-in-brisbane-suburb-of-inala/story-fnii5v6w-1227542587703
  12. Eid Mubarak

    Right now is the blessed day of Eid (al-Adha) for Muslims. Alhamdulillah. Which to put it simply is like 'Muslim Christmas' and marks the end of the Hajj pilgrimage. Just thought I'd wish anyone/everyone a Happy Eid. EID MUBARAK EVERYONE
  13. Hello/Goodbye Thread

    Thank you. Hi to you because I've just knocked off work.
  14. How long do you spend gaming every day?

    Normally 0 hours...And 0 minutes. And 0 seconds. Each day.
  15. List Of Things People Have Lost...In their Butts

    A live bomb would just be gross. I doubt a live animal would las long haha.