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  1. Do you prefer XBOX over PC?

    Yes. Xbox is my favorite console. I don't have a gaming PC, although my boyfriend has a gaming laptop and my brother built his own gaming PC. My eldest son also wants a gaming laptop that he's currently trying to save up to buy himself. I don't see myself as a PC gamer. I was always an xbox girl so I don't see that changing anytime soon. There's also the fact that consoles are cheaper and don't have the need to be upgraded/updated as much as a gaming PC for someone who needs 'the best specs' out at the moment. My xbox one suits me just fine.
  2. The Master Chief collection.

    Do you own the Master Chief collection? I really need to pick this up. My ex has his account tied to one of the xbox's in our house still so we get all the games he purchases/downloads digitally. However, I don't use the console and it's mostly used by my youngest two. I'm really considering picking up the master chief collection and replaying some of the games or even the multiplayer. I used to spend hours on Halo 3 back in the day on Xbox 360. It's one of my favorite games if not my favorite game of all time and I'd love to be able to go back and revisit it someday.
  3. Lenovo

    Are there any other fans of Lenovo here? I have 2 PC's that are Lenovo and they have both worked well and been good to me for a few years now. I have a PC that my eldest son uses now in his room that I bought some years ago and it's still running and performing great, and my laptop which my boyfriend purchased for me years ago is still running smoothly. It had a few hiccups but i'm pretty sure that was mostly software side and not hardware. Luckily, both have been very good to me in terms of reliability and overall stability and performance. What are your thoughts on Lenovo as a computer brand? Would you ever buy them? Recommend them?
  4. What is your favourite free forum host?

    I'd say ZetaBoards for a free forum host. Me and Smokey were using them for a few months but then he decided he was just letting his Xenforo license rot and waste so we revamped on Xenforo, however, ZetaBoards was great, snappy and very easy to use and the themes were quite nice and well made.
  5. Who will get the Nintendo Switch?

    My brother has a Switch and absolutely loves it. He'll bring it around sometimes to show off new games he bought recently. My kids want one and keep going on about it for Christmas from Santa. However, I'm not sure if I'll be able to swing that this year. I'm hoping to get my hands on one in the future however. The only downside is that it's another console I'd have to buy games for in addition to the ones I already own (Xbox One, PS4, etc). So it's definitely tempting but it doesn't seem like it's in the cards for us right now.
  6. Overwatch - Opinions

    I absolutely love Overwatch. Me and my kids play it every chance we get. It's a really fun game, it's different from your standard run-n-gun FPS shooters like Call of Duty and Battlefield. I really like the diversity of the heroes in the game and the fact they keep adding content to the game all the time. This past summer event of Lucio Ball was quite a blast! I missed last year's event but managed to spend quite a bit of time playing Lucio Ball this year along with my boyfriend. At first he wasn't enjoying himself but after he got the hang of the game mode, he became just as hooked on it as I am. He was complaining the day it ended and the playlist went away for Lucio Ball. He thinks they oughta bring it out as a full time game mode. They just recently added in Free for All and Team Deathmatch as game modes and I've been having a lot of fun on TDM when I want to take a break from competitive games for awhile.
  7. Is Destiny 2 worth the purchase?

    My boyfriend Smokey has been going on about Destiny 2 for awhile. However, it seems both of us are still on the fence about the game. We used to play it together alot a few years back when he first bought his Xbox. I was sick in bed after an operation and couldn't move or do much so I grinded a lot on the first game. However, now I fear I won't have much time to dedicate to it so I'm not really looking to pick it up. I know he is interested in it and he even offered to purchase me a copy but I don't know......I'm very much on the fence. Who's played Destiny 2? Is it everything you were hoping for? Is it as good as everyone is making it out to be?
  8. Infinite Warfare is awesome!

    I couldn't get into Infinite Warfare. I tried it with my boyfriend a few times and I just didn't enjoy it. it wasn't a game I liked. The movement felt weird to me and It just felt like a poor re-skin of Black Ops 3. Even though I enjoyed Black Ops 3 for some time, I just feel series fatigue I think. I also didn't like Infinity Ward's last title before Infinite Warfare, Ghosts. However, my boyfriend loved that one. If I get the chance to play World War 2, I may try it, but i'm not holding out too much hope.
  9. What are your thoughts on netbooks? Do you own one? We used to have a working one but I think either the power cable needs to be replaced or it needs a new battery, but it doesn't seem to hold a charge anymore. I'm thinking of purchasing one for my daughter for Christmas as my sons all have things like tablets or laptops and PC's and my daughter only has her iPhone and nothing else really to do anything like browse the web. So i'm thinking of getting her a netbook for Christmas so she can browse the web and maybe even do school work on it at night. What do you think of netbooks? I know they aren't as popular anymore as they used to be and they seem to be harder to find these days.
  10. Microsoft is rolling out their new updated dashboard UI and features in waves. One of my 3 xbox one's got the new UI update. It's really nice but since it's the One i don't use but my kids do, I haven't had much time to check things out and see how I feel about it after using it myself. I'm still waiting for my own Xbox One to get the update, as is my boyfriend Smokey, although he says he's read up on it and seen footage of it and he likes what he's seen. I'm reserving my judgement until I actually try it out on my own console. It doesn't seem that long ago that they did an overhaul of the dashboard, now they're doing it again. What are your thoughts on the new upcoming Dashboard? Does your console have it yet?
  11. Best Free to Play MMO's

    The only MMORPG I've ever really played is Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst on my boyfriend Smokey's server. It's fun to hop on from time to time and play together. I'm still learning the game's in and outs but it's fun and runs on most computers nowadays which is good because if my kids want to join in they are able to and then we can all play together. It's a fun MMORPG from back in the day.
  12. which movie make you happy ?

    Anything with comedy or romance tends to make me happy, love watching these kinds of movies when I am feeling a little down as it helps me to feel a little happier.
  13. Hurt yourself with tech

    I can't say I have ever hurt myself with technology no, well... actually unless you class dropping your phone on your face which I have done in the past that is about it
  14. PlayStation 5

    Looks like PS5 may have been the Playstation Slim that was released a little while back. I believe we may be a long way off from a PS5 just yet being that the PS4 is only a few years old. Will be interesting to see what they change and add when and if they do choose to release the PS5
  15. Anyone Play Destiny?

    I own Destiny. I have had it since it was released and after my operation to have my gallbladder removed a few years ago now I remember spending a lot of time on it whilst I was resting. I haven't played it in a while now though since however I do feel I should go back and play it again as I really did enjoy it.