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  1. which movie make you happy ?

    Anything with comedy or romance tends to make me happy, love watching these kinds of movies when I am feeling a little down as it helps me to feel a little happier.
  2. Hurt yourself with tech

    I can't say I have ever hurt myself with technology no, well... actually unless you class dropping your phone on your face which I have done in the past that is about it
  3. PlayStation 5

    Looks like PS5 may have been the Playstation Slim that was released a little while back. I believe we may be a long way off from a PS5 just yet being that the PS4 is only a few years old. Will be interesting to see what they change and add when and if they do choose to release the PS5
  4. Anyone Play Destiny?

    I own Destiny. I have had it since it was released and after my operation to have my gallbladder removed a few years ago now I remember spending a lot of time on it whilst I was resting. I haven't played it in a while now though since however I do feel I should go back and play it again as I really did enjoy it.
  5. Who else has a crush on Cortana?

    Being female and not into that kind of thing I can't say I have a crush on her no however I did once meet a guy when I gamed quite a few years back who had a crush on her and he went on about her a lot.
  6. Are your parents still alive?

    Yes both of my parents are still alive my Dad isn't in great shape right now but he is still going strong and still likes to get out and about as often as he can
  7. Spotify

    Been using Spotify for a while now and still love using it today. I find that most new albums I listen to are on there on the day of release and I also found out that if I use the Web Player and I have AdBlock installed it gets rid of the ads. I have been looking into buying premium and I may consider it at some point if you are able to piggy back.
  8. Windows 10

    I upgraded to Windows 10 when it was free to upgrade and I had so many problems with it freezing on me and me having to cold boot my laptop that I ended up going back to Windows 8.1 and stayed there. I know that if I ever do need a new laptop I will be forced to move over to Windows 10 but I am hoping by then any big problems I had before will be ironed out and I will have no problems should I ever need to purchase a new laptop.
  9. How do you like your coffee and/or tea?

    I am a huge tea lover, can not stand to drink coffee just do not like the taste. When I drink tea I like to have mine black and with two sugars. Sometimes I do wonder if I drink too much tea but it really is so nice I sometimes just have to sit down with one.
  10. What do you use to watch TV shows, and movies?

    I prefer to watch movies and TV shows on a television. I used to watch some TV shows on my computer if they were not airing over here however I have found a way to be able to stream these over to my television now and that makes life a lot easier as I can now still work on my laptop and watch my TV shows without having to stop doing one or the other.
  11. What's your favorite TV Shows?

    I don't tend to watch too much television myself however I do have television shows I love to watch, they are Chicago Fire Chicago Med The Walking Dead Two and a Half Men Big Bang Theory How I Met Your Mother
  12. Full blast

    Country music is one I tend to crank the volume up on. Anything by Luke Bryan or Alan Jackson and the sound goes up. Also being a WWE fan some songs used by the wrestlers I enjoy and love to listen to and sometimes the sound goes up with them too.
  13. Hours Spent

    In terms of hours I couldn't really give an exact number however we are talking over 20 hours. I don't tend to play as often now though but it is enjoyable to be able to go back on and play just to relax and have a mess around to see what I can create.
  14. Black Ops 3

    I myself just hit Prestige Master a few weeks back I am now level sixty something at Prestige Master so I do enjoy the game however I am now starting to get tired of it from playing it for so long. When Black Ops 3 was released I was a little dubious because I never really liked Ghosts or Advanced Warfare so I did worry about the path that they may take with this but I am pleased. As for Infinite Warfare I am still not sure.
  15. Facebook Games?

    One I used to play a while back myself that I believe it still around is War Commander. It's a good strategy game to play and can become quite addictive. I would suggest looking into that one.