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  1. Illegal Game Downloading

    I don't really have a stance on it. I have never done it of course, you pretty much can't really download games illegally for the PS4.
  2. Buying used games

    I tend to get most games brand new even if they have been out for a long while. I just prefer it when it's brand new.
  3. Back up

    Yeah it's just so much easier when everything is saved in the cloud, as long as the data on the cloud doesn't get deleted by the gaming companies lol
  4. Xbox Live Rewards

    I can't even remember if I got anything from it really. Back when I still played on the 360, I did quite a few different surveys for XLR and got some points I believe
  5. Video game demo

    It depends on the game really. For a game like GTA, I know I'm going to love it so I will never need a demo. But if its a brand new game that I have never tried then if there is a demo I will try it out
  6. survival games

    Is Minecraft considered a survival game? I know it has a survival based mode but the overall game is more about building than survival really isn't it?
  7. DVD's

    The PS4 can play DVDs as well although I can't remember the last time I even bought one lol
  8. Gaming Sofa / Chair

    I have a gaming chair, not the best but it's pretty comfy to play games in
  9. Refund

    I've never asked for a refund for a game until NFS Payback. It was a decent game but after the campaign it got extremely boring so I returned it to Amazon and got my money back
  10. Christmas Presents

    For the first time ever I didn't get any gaming based gifts this year.
  11. Soundbar, Speakers, or Headphones?

    I always have my earphones in. It helps with certain games because hearing footsteps and which direction they are coming from can help a lot.
  12. Spare free trial codes

    I doubt many people will have any to be honest because they are so rare to find nowadays. You can buy some on eBay though, you can get a 14 day code for just £2
  13. A movie/tv show based on a book?

    Quite a few actually. Harry Potter, Hunger Games (although I never read the books), Lucifer etc.
  14. Happy New Year

    It's crazy how fast 2017 went really. Can't believe that it's already 2018. I wish everyone a happy new year and I hope you all have a successful and happy year
  15. Post your Discord!

    This is our server: https://discord.gg/TgCQbAt It's a gaming based server where I also post the latest gaming news