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  1. Teamkilling

    Not really. I never just really found it interesting or funny to chase players and kill them when they haven't attacked me.
  2. Sports Games

    It would have to be FIFA. Just love football (soccer) so its one of my top games.
  3. Reporting players

    Never really bothered with reporting players except when they teamkill on Fortnite. I did quite a bit of reporting back when I played on the 360 when idiots would send messages but thats about it really
  4. Do you play on multiplayer?

    There are a lot more things like missions, races but the problem is they get boring after a while. With GTA IV, you could just spend so much time having fun and never really get bored.
  5. Hello/Goodbye Thread

    No one wants to chat lol?
  6. How is the Weather?

    Right now it's a bit cold, around 4 degrees I believe. And we are predicted quite a bit of rain/snow in the coming days.
  7. Special Transport DLC Promo Trailer

    That actually looks really cool. I'm sure a lot of people will love it
  8. Back up

    I'm on PS4 which is why I don't backup any save files. Never had any problems with save files getting corrupted so don't bother to backup them.
  9. Do you play on multiplayer?

    Oh yeah definitely. But GTA IV was a lot more fun to mess around with friends
  10. How is the Weather?

    It is currently raining quite a bit over here in London and its quite warm as well, currently 8 degrees.
  11. Back up

    Gaming wise, I don't backup anything. But with important files that I have on my laptop, I back them up quite regularly.
  12. Darts

    I've played it a few times in real life and a few times on GTA Online lol. Not really for me, to be honest.
  13. GTA is bringing in the money

    This kind of scares me because I'm worried that Rockstar won't bother with GTA 6 and just continue with GTA 5 for a long while
  14. Do you play on multiplayer?

    I loved playing online especially when you could just mess around with friends.
  15. Forgotten Games

    To be fair, I don't think GTA London was a forgotten game, it's just that its so old and the fact that newer GTA titles are so good means that no one bothers to play it