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  1. Next GTA Online

    I think they may just continue GTA Online with the next release of GTA to be honest. They did tell us a while back that they intend to just add things to the current GTA Online and make it grow as it goes along.
  2. What do you guys think about a Casino?

    I would love it to be honest but they may have a few problems because of underage "gambling". If they can sort out that problem then it would be one of the greatest DLC updates ever to be honest. It would be so much fun betting our money in game.
  3. Snipers VS Stunters

    Some of these custom games that have been built by GTA players are just amazing. This is one of my favourite game modes. Who ever came up with the idea for this is an absolute genius to be honest. The RPG vs Stunters game modes are also great as well
  4. What team do you support?

    What football team do you support and why? Have you always supported that team or have you ever changed supporting teams, maybe because the previous team weren't very successful? I have always supported Chelsea FC since I was small and no matter what I will always support them #KTBFFH
  5. Spotify

    I'm literally using Spotify right now to listen to my music. I usually listen to my own playlists but occasionally I will use one of Spotify's playlists to listen to some of the newest songs that have been released by artists.
  6. Battlefield 1

    It does look great. I don't know why but people online complain quite a bit that it isn't the best game or not as good as previous Battlefield games. I love it. I love the setting for the game and I love the gameplay. It's a great game
  7. Battlefield 3 or 4?

    If you play COD instead of BF1 then you really need to evalute your life I never played BF3 but I loved BF4. Might actually buy it on the PS4 when it gets cheaper. Absolutely loved it on the 360
  8. Anyone Buy PS Plus?

    Always buy the year long subscription as it's just much easier as you don't have to worry about renewing it and its a lot cheaper than buying it every month
  9. FIFA Pro Clubs

    Yeah unfortunately my friends have mostly given up on FIFA so I just play Drop In matches nowadays. Not as good especially since you get a lot of people that like to hog the ball and lose it
  10. How much PSN

    I only really play online to be honest. I very rarely play singleplayer unless my PSN has run out. I rarely buy things from the Playstation Store although I did buy GTA San Andreas recently from the store and I also bought my PSN 12 month from the store (long story but the guy I bought it from eBay sent me a £35 giftcard for PSN instead of a 12 month card so he sent me an additional £5 via PayPal for me to buy it through the store)
  11. Post your PS ID!

    Mine is DarthHazard. Just send me a message saying you're from here if you add me. Usually play : Battlefield 1, FIFA 17, GTA Online, Lego Worlds
  12. How do you listen to your music?

    Depends really. When I'm out and about I will listen to music that has already been downloaded onto my phone. But when I'm at home I will use either Spotify or YouTube to listen to my music. Usually I use Spotify as the quality of music is just better and playlists makes listening to your favourite songs easier
  13. What are you listening to right now?

    Dimelo - Tory Lanez and Snakehips
  14. Nice. Congratulations to the winners of the competition, enjoy your games
  15. What is your dream smartphone?

    I would love to have a iPhone 8 (when it comes out) one day or a Samsung Galaxy S7