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  1. Halo 5: Guardians

    No Halo game has truly captivated me for such an extended period as the third, sadly I don't think any new one ever will again.
  2. Preordering Fallout 4?

    It's really worth checking out, in my opinion. Fallout 3 and New Vegas may be showing their age on consoles but on PC is where things are at really, and there's just insane modding opportunities available with them.
  3. How long do you spend gaming every day?

    It really varies by day. When I actually do game in a day I probably spend close to 2 hours, but it's happening more and more rarely as time progresses and other responsibilities creep in.
  4. What's your favorite battlefield?

    I honestly think that the original Bad Company has to be my favorite title in the series. The campaign was fantastic, both in its mechanics and the writing.
  5. I've been really itching to make it to the southern caucasus at last... such a beautiful region and a good deal safer than the republics north of the russian border.
  6. I just made some eggs sunny side up and had them with a side of toast. It's around 4pm here but I skipped out on breakfast today so better late than never :D.
  7. Latest gaming purchases?

    Bought a copy of Heavy Rain just now, should be here next week! Realized how pitiful my PS3 collection is right now and this has always been a game I've been meaning to play. How about you?
  8. Hey guys, figured this would go in general gaming. Any particular online stores (or even physical stores, if anyone ever goes to them anymore!) that you find are an excellent place to snag games? I'm specifically thinking last-gen games here for my own current purposes (trying to fill out my library with the titles I wanted but missed out on before). but any and all is fine. I used to use cheapassgamer before and trying out their price tracker thing atm, but I'm sure it's not the only available option out there.
  9. Your Favorite Forza Game?

    Forza 3 was great, in terms of racing games on the X360 don't know what could be much better. I played F2 as well and it was a solid game but never really held me as much. I mean neither reach Gran Turismo levels imo (specifically talking about PS2 era here) but they're still a worthy racing simulator.
  10. Preordering Fallout 4?

    You think it's worth it? I'm kind of on edge here. I know it'll be a great game, but Bethesda games come out insanely glitchy. It seems that waiting a few weeks might be a good idea, but then again the experience of playing through things for the first time with everyone might be worth it.
  11. Do you like heavy metal?

    I'm not the biggest metal fan. I do listen to some artists that veer into the world of metal such as Umphrey's McGee, but they do so within extended jams that don't really hold through as an overarching 'metal band'. I can do with it, but just a pinch!
  12. Favourite Xbox Game?

    Hard to say. In terms of just local multiplayer, nothing can compete with what Halo 3 was. It's hard for me to really rank a single player experience like this, but in terms of playing with friends there's no competition.
  13. Fall Out 4

    Feels like any day now. I won't hesitate to say I'm a bit worried about whether they can keep it up while also learning from the fixes given in New Vegas, I guess we can only wait and see.
  14. Candy crush

    Yeah, I wasn't able to continue playing this for much more than a month or two. Ultimately these kinds of games never hold on to me for too long, and this one was no exception.
  15. How many games do you own?

    Hundreds, even on steam alone there's bound to be over 100. On consoles I have no idea how many games I've collected over the years, it takes up some shelves for sure haha.