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  1. Are your parents still alive?

    but why u remove this topic?
  2. Yes, My Parents are alive and I am happy with my parents.. Some of mince friends have always problems with their parents and some friends havn't their parents… so sad… What about you ?
  3. How many games do you own?

    i have over 100 Games in my PC :P
  4. Have You Ever Played "Temple Run 2"

    Yeah!! Other Side Subway Surfers, if you like racing game then you can try Traffic Racer, Same AIM as Temple Run... However, my fav game category is Action, Space and Missions Game :).. they are pretty good from Temple Run
  5. Latest gaming purchases?

    i dont buy any games, i use free and cracked versions
  6. Have You Ever Played "Temple Run 2"

    its a Run Game, We have to run as much fast you can otherwise monster will catch you and the game is over... The AIM of this game is collecting coins and completing missions
  7. i use TV to watch shows, Movies and Animes :)
  8. Pokémon

    New series is not much better then Old One,,,,, i like pokemon's old episodes and movies. Pokemon: Mewtwo Strike Back and Pokemon: The Rise of Darkrai is my favorite movie
  9. Anime fans

    i am not huge fan but i like to watch animes... ;)
  10. Favorite Console

    Mine is Playstation :)
  11. All-Time Favourite Games?

    Megaman X1 to x8 Megaman Legends Megaman Legends 2
  12. My first horror game I played was the Walking Dead, and I still play it from time to time on my JXD S7800B. Which is your first horror game?
  13. Hello, I have recently started Playing "Temple Run2" and its awesome for me, how you experienced it ??