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  1. The Blacklist

    This is a excellent haven't really watched tv much lately but one of my favorite shows
  2. Favourite Movies?

    The last terminator was good
  3. Pokémon

    Old Pokemon was better it isn't the same anymore honestly
  4. which movie make you happy ?

    How can a movie make u happy ?
  5. There's isn't a correct answer for this
  6. Lol too many to chose
  7. Not in this society I doubt it .
  8. World Series

    Will anyone be watching ?
  9. Asking For $1,000,000

    I could use that right now
  10. My friend think she has a cancer

    How would she know without being told by prescribed doctors?
  11. Are You married ?

    This girl I've been dating but she mad at me right now and we'll I bought the ring and I plan on proposing on New Year's Eve
  12. Are You married ?

    I'll be married soon
  13. Dishwasher vs. Hand Washing

  14. Hello/Goodbye Thread

    Hello everyone what's up