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  1. Have you made a game?

    Have you made any games? What is it about? I have made many minigames which were to basic or to buggy. I planned to make a Visual Novel once, but I am stuck with the story and doing it alone is not easy.
  2. Best and worst tanking moments?

    My best moment was when I have been saved by lag. Same for the worst moment
  3. Desktop vs Web Apps

    This is like asking if it is easier to shot a bullseye with a handgun or longbow from a long distance, it depends on your gunskills or bowskills. Same for desktop apps or webapps. As a side note, do not use Flash player.
  4. Which type of Website is Best?

    Why do you want your custom CMS? The coder needs to make a SEO friendly CMS and there already exists one - WordPress. I have made so far 2 CMS for school and one of them was the best from my class but I use none of them, I have to be realistic and know if it makes sence using it.
  5. Do you like heavy metal?

    Heavy metal is a good music genre, I wonder why people think it is weird.