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  1. What is your favorite Cuisine?

    Poutine for me. Gotta love fries, cheese and gravy all mixed together to warm your soul and give you a clogged artery all in one plate.
  2. Battlefield 3 or 4?

    I'm slowly getting back into 4 when I can. I enjoy the features it's added into gameplay thanks to DICE LA. BF3 got kinda stale towards the end of 2013.
  3. Previewed here will be screenshots of current works. Some may not be released, but some may be. For work of mine that has already been released, refer to my downloads section on GMC. If permitted, I will upload site-exclusive content here. Current Projects for PUBLIC release: - Clockwork Mountain Revisited update 1. Update, Finish and release of Non ELS "stealth" 2015 Charger Pursuit AWD Current progress: 2. Update, Finish and release of Non ELS Patrol and Slicktop CVPI's on Ironic's 2011 DEV CVPI Chassis Current Progress: 3. Update, Finish and release of Non ELS Support vehicle - Not yet started Current Projects on Hold: - None at this time Past Projects: - None available at this time
  4. I'm going to try to be more active here than I have been.

  5. If you could travel anywhere, where would you travel to?

    Simple one for me. Visit and possibly stay in Yellowknife, North West Territories. I'm a guy who loves winter more than summer, so the climate and area offers me that, but is still scaled enough that I have any luxuries i'd need close at hand.
  6. Halo 5

    I haven't bought it, but i've played through the campaign with a friend. There are people who say that it is the worst out of all the Halos. I have to disagree and say this is on par to be one of the best. A main gripe I heard was that the campaign was spotty, hard to follow and missing details which lead to confusion over the main plot. But I found that 343 littered dozens of tiny details throughout that makes you feel like a sleuth at times. There are parts where you get a little upset with the AI and this is especially true for your AI Teammates who on numerous occasions would get stuck (at least in my playthrough). I can't stress it enough, if you are going to play the story, take your time and pay close attention to every little detail; you'll get totally lost if you don't. I did NOT try the multiplayer as of yet, but feedback from my friends is favorable and Warzone seems to be a favorite. Short version: If you're a Halo fan of the lore and the books, and take your time with it, then this game is for you. If you like fast-paced, CoDesc action, than you should stick to the multiplayer.
  7. Do you like heavy metal?

    My main genre for sure. I enjoy classics, like Black Sabbath, Dio, Iron Maiden, Metallica, etc. And newer stuff like Tremonti, In Flames, Avenged Sevenfold, Unparalleled Height and Trivium.