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  1. Smite - MOBA

    Love smite, and Bellona is fantastic <3 I am a level 30 and played a bit ranked, but not too much.
  2. renting gaming servers?

    Hmm interesting, and can you make some profit with running a server?
  3. Essential Minecraft Mods

    I think the only mods you need are the map thingy...and I guess nothing else.
  4. San Mateo

    Lol. Nice screeenshot that guy looks horrified
  5. When will GTA 6 be released ?

    I think they will release something in 2020 or so because they give themselfs some + years with 3 stories and online play.
  6. cities: skylines

    Tried to play it on my older pc and didn't work. I guess it is a good game but I will have to wait a bit to play it.
  7. Radio stations

    I love most of them. I can't really pick but I guess on GTA San Andreas K-on was my favorite :D. Radio stations are great both in GTA and 18 Wheels
  8. This is actually new to me, I thought that nitendo produced mostly offline games/single player games. Well the more you know I never played an online nitendo game :S
  9. Elder scrolls Builds

    I didn't know there were builds for Skyrim. I usually go with the Warrior type of build where I put everything I got in my weapon skills or the Thieve kind of character, sneaking + lock picking :D
  10. Halo 5

    Most people nowadays are more focused on the multiplayer aspect of the story, you know the new generation of gamers. It's not bad but then again you will hear a lot of complains about the campaign being boring and stuff. I didn't get Halo yet, but I am sure it will be a blast to play it for a couple of weeks, and with the multiplayer mod it should be fun for the whole year :D
  11. Anyone play DOTA 2?

    I tried to play it but it was just too HD for my pc. I was lagging all the time :S. That's why I am playing smite right now, and will play it for a long time got level 30 :3
  12. Nazi Zombies?

    It's a fun mod, but personally it gets boring after some time. It's good that CoD still has some storyline and all otherwise we'd all gone insane by now, the multiplayer just makes you mad
  13. Best minecraft survival server?

    Oh this is really a hard question since there are so many good servers out there. I used to play for more then a year on a server called KingsCraft but not sure if that's still up. I guess for now BluntCraft seems to be a popular server.
  14. Best and worst tanking moments?

    The funniest story ever was when a friend of mine accidentally shot his father in a match. They were both playing, for the same team, and his father yelled "Shot him, shot him" while the poor fellow was confused he turned the gun to his fathers tank and shot him instead of the enemy
  15. That DLC is a really cool feature, I like it a lot...but since it's a DLC it costs money I mean it's nice and all, gives a more real feeling but I kinda think it should be free.