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  1. What is your dream smartphone?

    I honestly would love an iPhone. But way too expensive for me. I refuse to pay that much for a phone. Especially since I don't really use it that much other then to call my mom or something. COOLLLLL
  2. Best water filter (My experience)

    I think I have a brits water bottle somewhere. Should really hunt that down. I forget what kind of filter our fridge uses. Though to be honestly it needs to be replaced, so it hasn't been actually filtered for quite some time. Adding the Himalayan salt to it sounds like a good idea. That stuff is nice! Really should drink way more water.
  3. Who still plays OldSchool Games?

    Its honestly mostly what I play. In fact right now playing through Lunar the Silver Star for Sega CD. Once in a great while I'll play a new game, but when I do bother to play games most likely its an older one. Usually either Sega CD or PS, or PS2 most often.
  4. PC or Console?

    I honestly never was too much into PC gaming. I used to play War Craft and FFXI, but that was about it. Usually if I play games I rather play on a console. As for a favorite, I'm not too huge on the current ones. If I had to pick one of them I'd pick the Wii U. Granted of the main its the only one I own personally. I'm more a fan of the older systems to be honest. Sega CD tends to be my favorite since it has Lunar.
  5. Back up

    Most of my stuff backs up automatically, so I don't really have to worry about backing it up too much.
  6. Smells you like or hate

    I adore the smell of oranges. They always smell so awesome. Plus I love oranges! Also like the smell of coffee even though I don't really drink it. As for smells I hate...hmmm can't think of any right now.
  7. What Instruments Do You Play?

    I've tried on and off over the years. In grade school briefly tried the flute and violin. Some years back was trying the keyboard. I'd really like to yank that thing out someday and give it another shot. I did enjoy it. And been trying off and on to learn native american flutes.
  8. Music you fall asleep to

    I can fall asleep to most music honestly. But I like to listen to real calming music if I'm trying to fall asleep. Nature sounds are great for that. But I also like new age stuff. Game music and anime music works well too.
  9. Favorite Nintendo Console

    Probably my favorite will always be Super Nintendo. It had some really awesome games (yay Chrono Trigger!). I spent a lot of time playing it. Heck, every so often I pull it out and play. And it stays alive pretty well. Never has run down in all the years we've had it.
  10. Pokemon Games

    I've played a few off and on over the years. Fun little games. Though the fact that they're all basically the same can get a little dull. As for ones I've played: Pokemon Silver Pokemon Yellow Pokemon White Mind you never finished one yet.
  11. First Person Shooters

    I think really the only kind I've played is House of the Dead. Fun, fun games. My favorite was always the 2nd. I probably should try some others since I do really enjoy it. Great stress reliever!
  12. What is the Most You've ever Given?

    Ugh...probably this one Transformer I got for my brother...the one that ate planets or whatever..I forget the name. But I do remember it wasn't very cheap. I had wanted to get that for him though. I figure it was above $20 though which typically is my limit.
  13. Still using e-mail?!

    Of course. I mean I myself don't send them super often, but I get e-mails from various stuff. Mostly notifications from sites or forums.
  14. How many games do you own?

    I have no idea. I'd guess 20-50? Around there. I got most of em in boxes in my closet. And some under my bed, and some by the tv's. I tend to mostly keep out favorites.
  15. How long do you spend gaming every day?

    Honestly I don't play everyday. I tend to go in spurts where I'll play tons and then I just stop. But when I get into one of those modes it can range from a half hour to a couple hours or more.