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  1. Gears Of War

    Do you like gears of war? what was the last gears of war game you played?
  2. its been about maybe 1/2 years since i bought mine
  3. What games do you own for your Nintendo wii u?
  4. Nintendo Switch

    Nintendo just revealed that the Nintendo will be called the Nintendo Switch. What do you think about the console?
  5. What sites you visit normally?

    I normally visit Youtube Gmail Wiiuforums Pokecommunity Google dreamhost atrl(music forum)
  6. Netflix getting Marvel tv series?

    I love blade! i remember watching it as a kid. The newer marvel series are really interesting.
  7. Juices?

    What type of juices do you by at the store? I always get organic juice in glass bottles! I dont trust the juices in plastic.
  8. When playing as your favorite class what was your favorite weapons to use against enemies? I was a necromancer/archer My characters name was jesse luna I skilled her up in alchemy as well, I skilled her to use a summoned bow with deadly poisons, she was a really fun character. I tried to make her look like cecrios(the clown from the dark brother hood i forgot how to spell his name) wife
  9. Favorite Nintendo Console

    Its a tie between Gamecube, N64 and Wii. It wasnt the hardware that got me hooked on these consoles it was the great games! I'd probably have to go with the Wii just because the experience i had with people online nothing can ever make me forget the amount of great friends i made because of the Nintendo Wii.
  10. Nintendos New Mario?

    Do you guys have any idea how Nintendo is going to introduce us a new Mario, They told us we are going to see a New Mario, What exactly do you think they mean by that?
  11. hey empire dropping by to say hello. :)

    1. Empire


      hello, how are u going?

  12. Best water filter (My experience)

    !! I did the same thing, I love tea also sadly my kiddle rusted and formed blue stuff at the bottom of it probably from not drying it out all the way. The reason why i stopped drinking the tap water is because it smells like chlorine is in it, and i searched it up to find out that they add lots of chemicals to the tap and its like drinking pool water. depending on where you are it could be better there then where i am. water here gives me a bad after taste in my mouth and smells bad. funny thing is, it makes me want to give my plants filtered water lol!
  13. i had this game for 360 the game gives me a elder scrolls online feel, i got bored of it extremely fast. do you guys feel the same way about the game?
  14. Skyrim vs Online?

    You know i kind of agree, i actually want my money back because after awhile of playing... I dont feel connected to my character and i feel so limited to what i can do, VS skyrim, they need to make a SKYRIM HD happen with better graphics and ad online to it, they should have done that from the start.
  15. will Nintendo ever Buy SEGA or buy sonic from them? I generally think Nintendo really likes sonic and they could more easily benefit from partnering up with Nintendo to bring Sonic back into the spotlight.